Reading time: 2 minutes / Updated: June 15, 2022

Global warming is a major concern for humanity. But who is in a better position to start implementing solutions to combat this threat? – Business owners and their companies.

Organisations throughout the world are significantly reducing their carbon footprints and doing their part to minimise or eliminate factors that put our environment at risk. Businesses are proactively participating in the movement to become environmentally friendly enterprises by choosing sustainable products and cutting down on carbon emissions.

The path to net zero is a long one so let’s take a small step in the right direction by focusing on sustainable products for your project and the concept behind ‘cradle-to-grave’ products.

Sustainable products - sensor taps

What products are sustainable?

Choose the right washroom products that demonstrate sustainability, for example, hand dryers produce up to 60% less carbon emissions compared to paper towel dispensers. Sensor taps save up to 70% of water compared to traditional manual taps.

Sustainability consciousness is about businesses being more aware of their carbon footprint. The challenge that some companies face is identifying which products are sustainable and who is manufacturing them. These considerations demonstrate that a company has put sustainability as a high priority and is focusing on educating its consumers to become more aware of its environmental impact.


Washroom products are known to have a ‘cradle-to-grave’ cycle. This is the lifespan of a product from its development, introduction to the market, to disposal. Essentially it means that once a product has reached its service life, it goes straight to a landfill or is incinerated. Both routes are detrimental to the environment.


Washroom companies, like Dolphin, are focusing on sustainable supply chain processes which include manufacturing products with eco-friendly materials. This ensures products have biodegradable properties or have the potential to be recycled into new products.

What demonstrates product sustainability is not only how it can be disposed of, but also how it impacts our ecosystem during its life cycle. Fittings such as touch free taps and high-speed low-energy hand dryers are assured to conserve energy or save water due to superior washroom technology. With this technology in place, building owners and managers can streamline their energy and water consumption processes through monitoring and managing usage and wastage.

Dolphin Alavo and sustainability commitment

Sustainability commitment: Dolphin’s pledge

At Dolphin Solutions, we proactively participate in the global effort to act responsibly for the future of our environment. Our sustainability commitment is to provide washroom solutions that are eco-friendly by repurposing materials used across our product line whilst adhering to regulations set out by the UK WEEE Regulations (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling).

Our product range which includes the Alavo Mirror Systems, Automatic Soap Dispensers, and Commercial Sensor Taps, all contribute to water savings and energy efficiency. Our pledge is to continuously innovate our product range with these intentions and assist Architects, Contractors, and Project Managers to incorporate sustainable solutions into their projects.

Make an informed decision about the sustainable products you choose for your commercial washroom and speak to one of our specialists who will introduce the perfect blend of sustainability and quality.