Dolphin Sensor Tap and Traditional Tap as seen at our London Showroom

To touch, or not to touch – that is the question

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Choosing between sensor taps and manual taps can be a tricky dilemma. The move from manual to sensor is gaining traction in the marketplace, but traditional taps are still popular and are nowhere near being phased out. These two options are a major game changer in your design and will ultimately distinguish your washroom from conventional wash facilities.

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Manual taps also allow the user to choose their desired water temperature and pressure. From filling up a glass of cold water, to washing their hands in warmth, the advantage is it serves more than one purpose. It makes all the difference in user experience and this option offers a choice how they would like to utilise the wash vanity.

It is mandatory to have an accessible and inclusive built environment. There are strict regulations in place particularly pertaining to accessible facilities for persons with disabilities. Manual tap levers have been specifically designed with an extension in order to provide an effective solution for users who require easier access to the wash vanity. These taps are designed for effortless use and provide a smooth motion to operate.

Dolphin SMART Technology Tap

SMART Technology

Touch Free Taps are a great investment should you wish to achieve a state-of-the-art washroom featuring SMART technology. The innovative fittings represent sophistication, style, and a modern take on 21st century washroom design trends. Finishes such as Ceramic, Physical Vapor Deposition and Polyester Powder Coat, complete your project with something unique and special.

SMART technology goes beyond optimising usage, saving costs, and conserving energy because it gives you a system that demonstrates sustainability. It provides valuable granular data used to show washroom usage behaviours and allows you to monitor and track activations in real time. By logging in to your SMART portal, you can view statistics such as popular cubicles visited, flush and water usage, then analyse the information to compare and address any concerning factors or service alarms. Washroom fittings such as sensor taps, and WC flush plates contain integrated technology. Each time there is an activation, the data is automatically uploaded to the portal for your observation.

Dolphin Sensor Smart Tap with Security Timer

Security Timer

Revolutionary features such as a security timer and hygiene flush, have transformed the sensor tap system, preventing any misuse that may intentionally be inflicted. Should an object be placed in front of the sensor with intent to keep the water running, the default security timer will automatically shut off the water supply indefinitely. When the object is removed, the sensor will undergo a short reset and will become operational again. No interference or maintenance is required to resume the water supply.

Dolphin Sensor Smart Tap with Hygiene Flush

Hygiene Flush

Buildings that are unoccupied result in water sitting in the tanks and pipes waiting to be utilised. Whether it be the festive season or the waiting time for tenants to move in, the hygiene flush feature prevents serious complications that may arise during this period. Water that stays stagnant can lead to various problems such as waste traps drying up and the possibility of Legionella spreading in the water. This hygiene flush can be set to run for 20 seconds, periodically washing out the water to keep it running through the system.