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We understand that during the tender process, there is often a rush to compile and quote for all items on the sanitaryware schedule. However, sometimes challenges arise when designers specify Alavo, introducing the potential risk of encountering duplication issues within the quotation process.

This could result in receiving a quote that exceeds the budget, necessitating the arduous process of value engineering. Such a scenario could potentially escalate into a more substantial issue, one that might only become evident during the delivery stage.

Our article shares tips to help specifiers avoid duplication in the quotation process, so they can accurately assess the cost of Alavo and avoid thinking the quote is more expensive than it really is.

What an Alavo system looks like behind the mirror

Misconception about the ALAVO System

Alavo is often perceived as a standalone mirror system, separate from the taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers.

Fact: Alavo is a modular system with all the handwashing appliances (taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers) already included in the Alavo specification, therefore, the quote and drawings you will receive will be generated with the fittings already incorporated.

Even when specifying a panel mounted or counter mounted tap for integration with Alavo, rather than a behind mirror tap, these taps are still included with the Alavo system spec and included in the overall price of Alavo.

5 Ways to specify the Dolphin Alavo System

Here are five simple ways to specify Alavo:

1. Ask us for help

By having a quick conversation with one of our washroom specialists first, we will be able to gain a clearer understanding of the project to ensure your specifications and quote align perfectly with your needs.

2. Alavo Configurator Tool

Use the Alavo Configurator Tool on the Dolphin website. This free software will give you a better idea of what to include in your Alavo design. Once you have finalised your preferences, an email summary of your inputs will be sent to you. This email will also encompass a spec clause used for quotation purposes, which will later be replaced by approved drawings.

3. Clear description

When you specify Alavo in your schedule, be clear in the description about needing integrated taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers. If you can, include their codes.

4. Listing items separately

If you prefer to list items individually, mention they are for Alavo. This will avoid any confusion in the quoting process.

5. NBS specification

Copy and paste Alavo details from the Dolphin NBS specification document to simplify the inclusion of accurate information in your schedule.

SMART commercial washroom taps with an Alavo system

Incorrectly specifying ALAVO risks

There are potential risks when the Alavo system is not specified accurately, leading to the potential duplication of washroom products and resulting in multiple quotes for items that are not actually needed for your washroom project.

We have highlighted situations where a designer intends to specify Alavo, but they do so without being aware of the negative consequences that can arise from not clearly providing all the necessary details or specifications.

Listing behind mirror products separately

Circumstance: Listing the Dolphin tap, behind mirror soap dispenser, behind mirror hand dryer, and behind mirror paper towel dispenser as separate entries on the sanitaryware schedule, with the intention of integrating them into Alavo, yet lacking clear identification in the description that explicitly specifies their integration with the Alavo system.

Repercussion: As a result, there might be a misconception that the fittings need to be quoted separately, in addition to the Alavo system.

This might lead to receiving a quote for each of these individual items, even though their intended purpose is to be integrated into Alavo.

While we can provide these items individually as part of our washroom accessory range for alternative mirror box systems from other washroom companies, they cannot be incorporated into Alavo, as the behind mirror products for Alavo are exclusively designed for the Alavo system.
Should individual behind mirror products be specified in the sanitaryware schedule, they will be quoted at their respective prices, in addition to the existing quotation for Alavo, which already covers all the fittings and plumbing in the system.

Specifying taps from different washroom companies

Circumstance: Specifying Alavo from Dolphin while specifying panel mounted or counter mounted taps from a different washroom company, without clarifying whether these taps are intended for the same washstation as Alavo or potentially a separate washroom.

Repercussion: An issue arises when specifying taps from a different washroom company that are intended to be integrated with Alavo.

Due to the plumbing requirements unique to the Alavo system, it is not possible to incorporate external plumbing or alternative taps into the Alavo system.

The same principle applies when specifying soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers from other washroom companies, aiming to integrate them into the Alavo system.

Another issue arises with tap duplication in this situation. When Alavo is specified — keeping in mind that it already includes a tap — and taps from an additional washroom supplier, specifically meant for use with Alavo, are also included, it can lead to tap duplication. This, in turn, results in an inflated quote from the various washroom suppliers.

Specifying panel mounted or counter mounted taps for ALAVO

Circumstance: Choosing panel mounted or counter mounted taps from the Dolphin range, intended for pairing with Alavo, yet lacking clarity in the detailed description regarding whether they are designated for Alavo or intended for another washroom within the project.

Repercussion: Taps are often regarded as accessories and consequently appear on separate lines on a schedule. However, since the Alavo system already includes the taps – whether they are behind mirror, panel mounted, or counter mounted – and without a specific indication of whether they are for Alavo integration or for another washroom that does not include Alavo, both the Alavo and the taps will receive separate quotations.

Well-lit male washroom signage symbol reflected on an Alavo mirror system

Duplication debacle

The main challenge when designers are not aware how to correctly specify Alavo could involve the duplication of washroom products, leading to duplicated pricing as well. If the information in a sanitaryware schedule is unclear, you will receive not only a fully equipped Alavo system quote with all the mirror fittings already integrated but you will also receive a quote on the individual fittings.

Consequently, the quoted amount will exceed your budget, which can understandably be concerning. This might prompt you to either exclude certain items from the list or initiate the value engineering process.

In the extremely rare yet potential circumstance where quotes are not thoroughly reviewed or clarified, there is a chance of receiving twice the number of fittings on the day of delivery, whether from two separate washroom suppliers or just one.

Well identified washroom products within the Alavo

Effective Strategies for Alavo Specification

Effectively managing the process to specify Alavo clearly is crucial for achieving a smooth and cost-effective outcome in your washroom project.

The importance of clearly identifying the items you need within Alavo, combining them in one section, and specifying whether a panel mounted or counter mounted tap is needed for Alavo, cannot be emphasised enough.

If you do choose to list the items separately, make sure to label them as ‘integrated with Alavo’ for example. These steps will help serve as your compass through the intricate journey of specifying Alavo.

So, as you embark on your washroom specification, armed with knowledge and meticulous planning, your Alavo project is geared for success, free from the shadows of confusion and overspending.

By following the practical steps we have covered, you will be better equipped to steer clear of doubling up on items and ensure your quotes stay on budget.