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When it comes to choosing a Doc M toilet pack for accessible washrooms, one of the common challenges faced is the cost factor.

While opting for the cheapest pack on the market may seem like an obvious choice, it is crucial to understand the implications and considerations that affect a Doc M Pack price.

Dolphin Solutions specialises in offering fully compliant washroom products, including comprehensive Doc M toilet packs, for a diverse range of washroom projects. With our extensive experience in the industry, we have created this article to provide you with valuable insights into the top seven factors that influence the cost of Doc M toilet packs across different washroom companies.

By exploring these factors, you will gain a deeper understanding of the pricing dynamics and be better equipped to make informed decisions for your accessible washroom requirements.

Top 7 factors contributing to Doc M Pack cost

It is important to consider these factors when comparing Doc M toilet packs between different washroom companies, as the price difference can reflect variations in quality, features, compliance, and overall value.

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Accessible washroom all included fixtures and fittings Doc M pack

1. All inclusive Doc M Pack

When washroom companies promote their Doc M toilet packs, it is commonly understood that these packs encompass everything needed, from grab rails and the Doc M toilet pan to the alarm pull cord. In fact, the term “pack” implies the inclusion of all necessary components. However, this assumption doesn’t always hold true.

Based on our experience, we have observed instances where architects and contractors have approached us after initially ordering an inexpensive Doc M toilet pack from a washroom company, believing it to contain all the necessary fixtures for an accessible washroom, only to discover that some items were missing upon delivery.

This can arise due to discrepancies between the Doc M pack price and description during the ordering process, which may not have accurately reflected all the necessary fixtures and fittings required to create an accessible washroom.
Consequently, they were left with the additional task of ordering the missing fixtures and fittings, resulting in exceeding their budgeted expenses.

While the advertised cost of a Doc M toilet pack may sometimes appear cheaper than other options on the market, it is crucial to meticulously review the sanitaryware schedule to ensure that every essential component is included.

Careful examination is necessary to guarantee that you will receive an all inclusive and fully compliant pack that meets all accessibility requirements before making that purchase order.

High quality and material Doc M pack

2. Quality and Material

Higher priced Doc M toilet packs often feature superior quality materials and construction. This ensures durability, longevity, and resistance to wear and tear. Premium materials such as stainless steel, anti-bacterial coatings, and robust components tend to increase the cost.

However, the investment is worthwhile as you are choosing a Doc M toilet pack that guarantees long lasting performance and provides added peace of mind in terms of safety and quality for people with disabilities.

An accessible washroom compliant with Doc M regulations

3. Compliance with Doc M Regulations

Doc M toilet packs must meet specific accessibility standards and regulations to ensure they are suitable for individuals with disabilities.

Higher priced packs often undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to comply with relevant accessibility guidelines, such as the Building Regulations Approved Document M and British Standards BS8300.

The costs associated with certification and compliance testing can contribute to the overall price of the Doc M toilet pack.

A Doc M accessible washroom with behind mirror system

4. Additional Features and Customisation

Some Doc M toilet packs may offer additional features or customisation options to cater to specific design needs or preferences. For instance, the price points of these packs may vary depending on various features like:

The variations in design details also contribute to the differences in pricing across Doc M toilet packs offered by washroom companies. This includes options such as a premium top of the range Doc M toilet pack and a standard mid range pack.

Accessible washroom in light green aesthetics

5. Accessible Washroom Design and Aesthetics

Some Doc M toilet packs incorporate innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs that blend well with the surrounding environment and the architect’s vision. These packs may feature sleek, modern fixtures and special coatings that enhance the overall look and feel of the accessible washroom.

The inclusion of modern design elements can lead to higher manufacturing and production costs, thus increasing the price of the pack.

However, the advantage of this is the Doc M toilet pack offers enhanced aesthetic appeal in a harmonious space, providing architects with greater design flexibility to bring their accessible washroom design vision to life.

Black washroom accessories and wall hung pan included in a Doc M toilet pack

6. Washroom Company Brand Reputation

Well established and reputable brands that supply Doc M toilet packs may command higher prices due to their brand value, customer trust, and reliability. These brands often invest in research and development to offer innovative solutions and maintain a reputation for producing high quality washroom products.

As a result, customers can expect innovative solutions, advanced features, and reliable performance when choosing products from these washroom companies.

The higher prices may reflect the added value, confidence, and peace of mind that come with their established reputation and commitment to quality.

A properly installed and well maintained accessible washroom9

7. Installation and Maintenance Requirements

Some Doc M toilet packs may require specific installation methods or additional support structures to ensure proper functionality and accessibility. The cost of installation and any necessary modifications to the accessible washroom can influence the overall price of the Doc M WC pack.

However, selecting a Doc M toilet pack with a modular behind mirror system, for example, offers the advantage of saving time and labour costs due to its simplified installation process. Although the initial cost may be higher, the ease of installation makes it a worthwhile investment.

If you prefer to select individual taps and soap dispensers, for example, it is recommended to choose products that come with a wall plate kit. This choice facilitates easy installation, maintenance, and upkeep, resulting in reduced labour costs.

The initial cost of a wall plate system may be slightly high, but the long term benefits in terms of convenience and cost savings far outweigh the initial investment. Choosing a wall plate kit for taps and soap dispensers also offers significant sustainability advantages, making it a valuable choice for the future.

Selecting Doc M Packs: Ensuring Value, Compliance, and Satisfaction

When it comes to selecting a Doc M toilet pack for accessible washrooms, you should take the time to consider these factors to ensure you get your money’s worth and your expectations met.

Firstly, it is essential to verify that the chosen pack is all inclusive and fully compliant, as the price may not always accurately reflect the assumptions made regarding its inclusivity.

By taking these factors into account, you can make informed decisions that align with your budget, ensuring a fully compliant, functional, and aesthetically pleasing accessible washroom that brings your vision to life and provides long term value.

Explore the Dolphin Doc M Pack range, meticulously designed and manufactured to meet both Document M regulations and BS8300 Standards. Our grab rail sets, Doc M WC packs, and Doc M shower packs not only ensure compliance but also exude an air of sophistication that is perfect for any commercial washroom.

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