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The Dolphin ALAVO Mirror System is one of our most popular products that is specified for a commercial washroom. With its sustainability features and touch free technology in a sleek and flawless design, ALAVO is the ideal behind mirror system for any commercial washroom project.

However, designers may not necessarily know that the ALAVO mirror system comes in two options and have variations that could make all the difference to both budget and aesthetic appeal.

This article will explain the difference between the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite, what they offer, design flexibility, cost implications, and how to start customising your unique ALAVO washroom system.

What are the two types of behind mirror systems?

The two ALAVO washroom solutions we offer are the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite.

Learn more about how Alavo can elevate your washroom design here, or to explore our washroom configurator, click here

ALAVO Premium

The ALAVO Premium mirror system offers sustainability benefits, advanced technology, and lighting customisation. Due to its modular design and pre-wired interconnecting trunking, ALAVO Premium is extremely efficient to install onsite.


The ALAVO Lite mirror system is a cost-effective and affordable option that is designed to provide value to our clients while offering a lower price point than the ALAVO Premium. It has fewer features, a simpler design, and requires wiring on site.

Both the ALAVO Premium and the ALAVO Lite are fantastic space saving options that offer clean lines in a stylistic design, with all accessories situated above the wash trough and behind the mirror.

ALAVO behind mirror system in Melbourne Airport

What is included in the Dolphin ALAVO mirror systems?

The ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite washroom systems include the following:

  • Sensor tap
  • Touch free Soap dispenser (cartridge multifeed system)
  • HEPA filter hand dryer
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Slimline mirror cabinet
  • Vanity surface (optional)

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ALAVO washroom system features

The ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite are versatile and customisable washroom solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of various businesses and industries for all types of washrooms. Some of the customisation options available for this system include choosing the size and shape of the mirror, selecting the type of lighting and sensors, and customising the software interface to suit specific requirements.

There are a few differences between the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite mirror systems:

Touch free operationCheck mark iconCheck mark icon
Pre-wired interconnecting trunkingCheck mark iconClose icon
Wired on siteClose iconCheck mark icon
LED backlit icon lightingCheck mark iconClose icon
Back painted iconsClose iconCheck mark icon
Icon language: English, French, GermanCheck mark iconCheck mark icon
Halo perimeter lighting (optional)Check mark iconClose icon
Through mirror lighting (optional)Check mark iconClose icon
Energy saving light sensorCheck mark iconClose icon
Refill warning lightCheck mark iconClose icon
Cleaning mode switchCheck mark iconClose icon
ALAVO premium and ALAVO lite design flexibility shown in a gray washroom

Does ALAVO Lite have the same design flexibility as ALAVO Premium?

Yes! Both the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite mirror systems are flexible in design. From the mirror size to choosing a behind mirror hand dryer or paper towel dispenser (or include both), you can customise the ALAVO mirror system to suit your needs and design intent.

The ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite are quick to install and offer easy access for maintenance with heavy duty hinges and gas struts to remove any heavy lifting by the maintenance team.

However, ALAVO Premium offers several different types of lighting to heighten the user experience, interconnecting trunking for more streamlined installation, and other features that are not included in the ALAVO Lite, such as the energy saving light sensor.

What’s the difference in cost for each ALAVO washstation?

ALAVO Lite is usually around 20% less than an equivalent premium system, but you can still save money with the Premium ALAVO mirror system depending on the options you choose.

ALAVO mirror system configure tool being used in a laptop

What’s the next step in the ALAVO design process?

Our ALAVO mirror system configure tool is the best place to start designing your all-in-one washroom solution. This convenient feature on our website will provide you with free specification drawings of your customised system before having to reach out to us, or if you would like to speak to one of our washroom specialists to find out more detail about the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite features, they will be ready and prepared to discuss how it can help your project.

The Dolphin Solutions team work closely with our clients to design and develop bespoke solutions that meet their unique needs and specifications. With our customisation options and design flexibility, both the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite washroom systems are the ideal solutions for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience and streamline their operations.

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