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If you are in the middle of value engineering and are considering purchasing our commercial washroom taps, one of the primary factors you are likely interested in is our cost.

We understand that value engineering helps to identify areas where cost savings can be made without sacrificing quality or functionality. That is why working with us to analyse the washroom design and provide options and alternatives to reduce the cost of the commercial taps in our range will help you in your VE process.

The cost of commercial taps in our touch free and manual range can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific model, materials used, and applying finishes and special coatings.

In this blog, we will delve into the different factors that can influence the cost of commercial taps in our range, providing you with the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Dolphin DS114 sensor tap and touch-free soap dispenser

What factors impact the price of a Dolphin tap

Type of tap

Is it a sensor tap or a manual tap?

The cost of a touch free tap is higher due to the added technology and features that it offers over a manual tap that has simple mechanical parts.

While a manual tap may be more affordable upfront, a sensor tap can provide long term benefits in terms of water conservation and hygiene.

Read more about touch free taps versus manual taps.

Tap variation

Is the tap top-of-the-range or entry level?

The main difference in the cost of commercial taps between a top-of-the-range tap and an entry level tap is the quality of materials, the range of features offered, and the level of design and construction.

For example, an entry level touch free tap will be more cost-effective than a high-end touch free tap. The same applies to manual taps.

Finishes and special coatings

Coating a tap in a special finish can affect its price due to the cost of materials, production process, labour cost, and aesthetic appeal.

Different finishes require different materials to achieve the desired effect. For example, brushed satin stainless steel requires a special abrasive material to create the brushed finish, while physical vapour deposition (PVD) requires specialised equipment and materials to apply a thin, durable coating. The cost of these materials can vary widely, and this will affect the final price of the tap.

The type of finish, such as brushed satin stainless steel, mirror polish stainless steel, polyester powder coat (PPC), ceramic coating, and physical vapour deposition, will all have their unique considerations when it comes to the cost of commercial taps.

Counter mounted sensor tap

Tap length and design

The price of a longer tap may be higher than a shorter tap due to the additional materials and manufacturing processes required to produce it, as well as any added functionality or design it may offer. Longer taps may have additional functionality that shorter taps do not have, such as a wider range of motion or a larger spout reach.

There can be differences in the cost of commercial taps between wall mounted, counter mounted, and floating, as each type of installation requires different materials, designs, and installation methods.

Wall mounted taps, for example, may require additional plumbing work to install and may require more durable materials to support the weight of the tap. This can make them more expensive than other types of taps. Counter mounted taps, on the other hand, typically require less complex installation and may be less expensive as a result.


How much is a Dolphin sensor tap?

The cost of commercial taps in the Dolphin touch free range vary depending on the tap length (if applicable), wall mounted or counter mounted, and the type of special finish chosen.

In the tables below, we have provided the difference in cost between the least expensive and most expensive finishes for the DS114, based on the shortest tap length available, and the DB100 as an alternative option.


Tap CodeType of tapTap mountingLengthFinishes and Special CoatingsPrice (RRP)
DS114SensorWall mounted150mmBrushed Stainless Steel£584.70
DS114SensorWall mounted150mmPVD£762.10

The DS114 is also available in Ceramic, PPC in all RAL colours, and mirror polish.

Tap lengths available: 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm.

A cost-effective alternative sensor tap option to the DS114 can be the DB100:


Tap CodeType of tapTap mountingFinishes and Special CoatingsPrice (RRP)
DB100SensorCounter mountedBrushed Stainless Steel£487.90
DB100SensorCounter mountedCeramic£698.90

The DB100 is also available in mirror polish and PPC in all RAL colours.

How much is a Dolphin manual tap?

The cost of commercial taps in the Dolphin manual range vary depending on the type of mixer tap, wall mounted or counter mounted, and type of special finish chosen.

The tables below compare the cost of the DB1675 in its least and most expensive finishes to an alternative option, the DB1650.


Tap CodeType of tapTap mountingFinishes and Special CoatingsPrice (RRP)
DB1675ManualWall mountedBrushed Stainless Steel£393.70
DB1675ManualWall mountedCeramic£728.10

This tap is also available in Ceramic and PPC in all RAL colours.

An alternative manual tap option to the DB1675 can be the DB1650:


Tap CodeType of tapTap mountingFinishes and Special CoatingsPrice (RRP)
DB1650ManualCounter mountedBrushed Stainless Steel£239.80
DB1650ManualCounter mountedPPC£384.40

This tap is only available in Brushed Stainless Steel and PPC in all RAL colours.

Dolphin DB1675 manual mixer tap in chrome

Always look at alternative tap options

For each factor impacting the price of taps, there is always a cost-effective alternative that can match the design intent at a cheaper rate. For example, instead of choosing a PVD finish, choose the classic brushed stainless steel finish, and instead of choosing a high-end touch free tap, choose an entry level touch free tap.

It is important to remember that the cost of commercial taps in our range can vary widely depending on factors such as the tap type (manual or touch-free), whether it is top-of-the-range or entry level, the finishes and special coatings, materials used, and the tap length and design.

These minor adjustments in your specification can make a significant difference to the quote leaving you with a budget friendly solution that can still meet your washroom design vision.

Manual tap in aesthetic gold finish

Value engineering commercial taps with a limited budget

When value engineering the cost of commercial taps between numerous washroom companies, you should consider that high-end taps are typically designed and built to meet certain standards of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Replacing them with cheaper alternatives may compromise these qualities and result in a less satisfying user experience. That is why it is important that you carefully select a commercial washroom company with high quality products in both their high-end and entry level range.

However, if you are determined to save money on your commercial washroom taps while still meeting the design intent, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you can consider alternative materials or finishes that may be less expensive but still provide the desired look and functionality.

Another option is to focus on areas of the washroom where cost savings can be achieved without compromising on quality or design. For example, you can use lower cost materials for bathroom stalls or flooring while maintaining high quality taps and other fixtures.

Overall, it is important to balance cost savings with the desire to provide a high quality and satisfying user experience. Cutting corners on important fixtures like commercial washroom taps may lead to problems in the long run, and ultimately end up costing more than you initially saved.

Dolphin Solutions can assist you in comparing the cost of commercial taps in our range to ensure that you make a wise investment for your washroom project by taking all of these considerations into account.

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