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You likely have a budget challenge with your commercial washroom design, and although the ALAVO behind mirror system ticks all the boxes and sounds like the ideal washroom solution with fantastic benefits, we know the first question that pops into your mind is, “how much does the ALAVO cost?”.

At Dolphin Solutions, we have been estimating and educating architects, contractors, and specifiers on the cost of ALAVO for over ten years because we know they experience budget headaches, especially when it comes to value engineering. Before you crawl the internet to find alternatives, we feel it is important for you to understand where the costs come from and let us help you maximise what you get for your budget.

In this blog, we will explore the factors that affect the cost of ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite and what can drive the expenses up or down. We have also included their long-term savings to help you make the best choice for your budget.

ALAVO behind mirror system with purple backlight

What factors impact the price of the ALAVO washstation?

The difficulty in addressing the cost of ALAVO is that both the ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite are fully customisable, which means many factors play into the final cost.

Although we cannot give you a set price at this stage, we can tell you about the factors that can drive the price up or down, ultimately leaving you in control over your budget spend.

Keep in mind this article focuses on the ALAVO product alone and does not take into consideration the whole washroom project’s requirements.

Main factors that can drive the price up

Due to the flexibility to customise both ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite, the factors that drive the cost of ALAVO up depend on the build, how many features and appliances you wish to include, and which modular system you choose – Premium or Lite.


Main factors that can drive the price down

You can exclude several features and appliances from the mirror system and choose various alternatives to lower the price. Let’s explore what you can do to control the cost of ALAVO.


Here are some examples of what can drive the cost up and what can keep the cost down when specifying your ALAVO system:


What can drive the cost upWhat can keep the cost down
Width of systemReduce the width of the system size
Number of washstationsReduce the number of washstations
Choosing a non-standard system heightChoosing the standard system height
Additional washstation modules
(these are extra cabinets added to either side of the system to extend ALAVO)
Reduce the extra module width or exclude the extra modules completely
Mirror extensionReduce the width of the mirror to reduce the final width of the unit
Specialist details when specifying the mirror to suit the project requirements
(rounded mirrors, frames etc.)
Stay within the standard mirror design
Individual stand alone modulesChoosing a continuous mirror run


What can drive the cost upWhat can keep the cost down
Tap type
(panel mounted, counter mounted, floating)
Choose an integrated tap.
Note* It is not recommended to exclude the tap from Alavo as it is more cost-effective to include the plumbing within the system.
Excluding the soap dispenser cartridge system and opting for a free standing unit whether surface mounted or counter mountedKeeping the integrated touch free soap dispenser with soap cartridge system
Hand dryersExclude the hand dryers and opt for the paper towel dispensers
Paper towel dispensersExclude the paper towel dispensers
Hand dryers and paper towel dispensers combinationInstead of having both hand drying facilities, opt for one or the other or simply exclude both
Hand dryer and/or paper towel dispenser quantityReduce the number of hand dryers and/or paper towels in the system


What can drive the cost upWhat can keep the cost down
Halo perimeter lighting
(Up, down, sides, or all edges)
No halo lighting or choose fewer edges for perimeter lighting
Through mirror lightingOpt for no lighting
Plumbing configuration: POU HeatersTMV3 thermostatic mixing valve
Adding a vanity surface
Exclude the vanity surface
Increasing the vanity surface and system width to allow for a bin chuteReduce the vanity surface and system width or choose not to include a bin chute
Adding a splashbackExclude the splashback
ALAVO Premium control panelReplace the premium control panel with The ALAVO Lite control.
Note: replacing the control panel will affect the icon lighting, SMART capability, and refill light.


What can drive the cost upWhat can keep the cost down
Adding lightingOriginal Alavo Lite design
(excludes lighting)
Plumbing configuration: POU HeatersTMV3 thermostatic mixing valve
Adding a vanity surface
Exclude a vanity surface
Increasing the vanity surface and system width to allow for a bin chuteReduce the vanity surface and system width or choose not to include a bin chute
Adding a splashbackExclude the splashback
ALAVO Superloo with warm backlight, red icon lights, and vanity trough

Are there any hidden costs?

Once your design is finalised and you have received our quote, you will not be expected to pay anything more towards the functionality because the final cost of ALAVO already includes the power electrics, plumbing fixtures and all the features and appliances you have specified.

It is important to note that when you are shopping around for similar alternative mirror box solutions, you may find other washroom companies with cheaper quotes, but this can be due to withholding information about the extra costs, for example, installation fees by numerous contractors to connect the system onsite.

Is the Alavo system under warranty?

Yes! The cost of ALAVO includes a 10 year limited warranty for both the Premium and Lite options.

Underside view of ALAVO mirror system

Are there savings in the long-run?

Although it is important to understand the factors that impact the cost of ALAVO, it is just as important to consider the long term and running cost savings.

This is your return on investment:

Save maintenance time

The heavy duty hinges and gas struts allow maintenance teams to easily lift the mirror to access the convenient arrangement of the electrical supply, water supply, and appliances (sensor tap, soap dispenser, hand dryer, paper towel dispenser).

The foam soap cartridge can also be removed and replenished in as little as 40 seconds, thus reducing the time it takes to refill the soap system.

Integrating SMART washroom technology in your ALAVO mirror system reduces the time required for maintenance by alerting you with predictive cleaning notifications and fault reporting.

Save cleaning time and costs

With everything integrated behind the mirror, the facilities teams spend less time cleaning the washstation wiping down the fittings or wiping away water splashed onto the vanity or floor.

For businesses that outsource cleaning teams, ALAVO helps save money by reducing the cleaning charges per hour due to the quick and efficient cleaning regime.

Replacing the foam soap cartridge is less labour-intensive and a mess-free process compared to heavy bulk-fill soap containers, for example, where it may be tricky to replenish soap dispensers and multi-feed systems.

Save installation costs

Contractors would typically allocate a few days to complete the installation of individual washroom fittings, but this is not the case with the ALAVO mirror system. The ALAVO system can take as little as two hours (depending on the system size) to install, thus reducing labour time expenses in your budget.

Save money on utility bills

Due to the water and energy saving features in the sensor taps and HEPA filter hand dryers, less money is spent on monthly utility bills for the washroom. The behind mirror LED lighting means the energy usage is significantly less than fluorescent bulbs, thus contributing to saving money on the electricity bill.

Integrated SMART washroom technology allows you to measure and monitor water and energy usage, giving you control over water and energy consumption in the washroom and using data to make informed decisions to reduce consumption in particular washroom fittings, also saving you money in the long run.

Save natural resources

The sensor taps save at least 70% of water compared to manual taps and coincidentally save at least 70% energy because there is less water to heat.

The low energy, high speed hand dryers also produce 60% less carbon emissions than paper towel dispensers making ALAVO one of the most sustainable washroom solutions in raw materials and conserving our natural resources.

Save space in the washroom

ALAVO is renowned for being one of the most favourable space-saving products in a commercial washroom. All the handwashing essentials concealed behind the mirror above the vanity surface reduce clutter around the washroom, leaving you more space to play with in your design.

Save design time

The Dolphin ALAVO is constructed and manufactured in our warehouse and delivered onsite as a completed product. We ensure all elements, from the mirror to the vanity surface and splashback, align accurately and that all appliances function perfectly.

This eliminates the cost for the contractor to check that the design is accurate and gives you more wiggle room in your budget.

Save the call-out time

Should a washroom product malfunction, the time wasted trying to find the company responsible for repairs can be a nightmare.

If in the unlikely circumstance there is a fault with ALAVO, you have peace of mind that there is only one phone number to call, and that is direct to us.

We manufacture the ALAVO unit in our warehouse and are the only washroom company you need to contact when a problem arises, thus eliminating those frantic phone calls to contractors.

Save and protect the health of users

ALAVO is a favourable hygienic option to specify because all the handwashing essentials are touch free, thus eliminating the spread of germs.

The ALAVO meets WELL Standards with its touch free washroom solutions and sealed foam soap cartridge system that reduces the risk of contamination from bacteria and debris, particularly during the topping up process.

Backlit and gold finished ALAVO Behind mirror system, touch-free tap, vanity trough

Estimating ALAVO prices is complex

Giving an exact cost of ALAVO can be complex because there is no one-size-fits-all. It is a customisable behind-mirror system where the price essentially boils down to the accumulation of features and fixtures you choose and whether you choose the ALAVO Premium or ALAVO Lite.

Rest assured, once you have settled on the module and design, the final cost of ALAVO will not have any unexpected fees to pay after the invoice.

Choose your price

It can be challenging for architects to stay within budget to ensure that their washroom designs are financially viable and that their clients’ washroom projects are successful and completed to a high standard.

We know a washroom project’s success depends on the architects’ ability to balance their clients’ vision with practical considerations and cost constraints, and that is why ALAVO was designed to be a customisable washroom solution to accommodate budgets of all types while still achieving the design vision no matter which options they choose.

The cost of ALAVO is essentially in your control, but many factors can drive the cost up or down. Depending on the ALAVO build dimensions, appliances, features, integrated touch-free technology or manual operation, and which type of ALAVO you like (Premium or Lite) will ultimately determine the final cost of ALAVO.

The great news is there are options to customise ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite further, but this needs close collaboration with us so we can work on what you desire and find the right alternative solutions to keep in line with your budget.

If you would like to find out more about the differences between ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite, read our blog in the Dolphin Learning Hub on our website to help you decide which behind-mirror system is the right one for you and your budget.

ALAVO Premium and ALAVO Lite washroom solution with sensor taps and vanity trough

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