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During the design phase of your project, you may rely on a few consultants to provide you with accurate information regarding various aspects of your building and washroom design, including achieving special certifications such as WELL or BREEAM. Whatever your vision, the most critical aspect is to meet the legal requirements for your commercial washroom.

But have you ever wondered how many different types of washroom regulations, standards, and certifications go into commercial washroom design? The thought can be overwhelming but if you do not have the right consultants to guide you or provide the correct information, it may result in contravening the washroom regulations or missing the opportunity to be certified by professional accreditation organisations.

Designing a commercial washroom is interconnected to your project as a whole. It should not be seen as a separate entity as building regulations affect both the washroom and infrastructure together. In the UK, some washroom fittings and layouts have their own standards too.

Dolphin Solutions works side-by-side with Architects, Contractors, and their teams, providing them with the expertise they need to achieve international stature. Before you embark on your new project, you should familiarise yourself with some of these washroom regulations in the UK, compliant commercial washroom design, commercial washroom standards, and certifications to help guide you in the right direction.

Key regulations for a commercial washroom


You must always consider the needs of persons with disabilities, whether that be planning an ambulant accessible WC or a wheelchair-accessible WC cubicle. Commercial buildings need to provide an accessible environment for all occupants, particularly those with limited mobility.

  • Document part M – Access to and use of buildings – Volume 2 – Buildings other than dwellings – Building regulations
  • BS 8300-2:2018 – Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment – Part 2: Buildings – Code of practice


The water companies in the UK set up the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), which is an independent UK certification body for plumbing products and materials. WRAS assists businesses and consumers to choose compliant products that keep their water safe. The regulations surrounding water supply and water fittings relate to the design, installation, plumbing systems, and water-using fixtures.

Building Regulations

Commercial washrooms fall within the Building Regulations which consists of Approved Documents that provide general guidance to meet building regulations. It also contains practical examples and solutions. Building Control Officers are also deployed to inspect your building against regulatory standards. This includes safety, sustainability, accessibility, and design.

British Standards and best practices

Designated British Standards are applicable to washroom products and layouts. They provide recommendations for washroom dimensions, performance characteristics, test methods, and design. Some standards include:

Accreditation and Testing

It is mandatory for washroom products to undergo testing, inspection, and certification. This is to assure product durability, reliability, performance, and safety. Testing is carried out by conformity assessments and laboratory facilities to protect human health and facilitate the development of public health standards.

Certifications and Ratings

Professional bodies define global standards that support best practices and promote trust. Obtaining rating certifications reflects the high standards and performance achieved by your project.