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Have you thought about creating a WELL certified washroom? Perhaps you have already started your project, or a refurbishment is on the cards with WELL compliance as a top priority.

Architects around the world are joining the WELL community and enjoying the many benefits that come with designing and constructing their buildings in line with the high standards of this certification.

Dolphin provides WELL compliant washroom products and we have worked with clients on many projects to become WELL accredited. We are in a position to provide guidance regarding these requirements and so this article will explore WELL Accreditation, the WELL Building Standard, the benefits of being WELL certified, and the number of points you can score on your journey to achieve a WELL certified washroom.

Dolphin WELL Certified Touch-Free Tap

WELL v2, Q1 2022

The WELL Building Standard v2, Q1 2022 covers 10 Concepts and Features which include 24 Preconditions required and 98 Optimisations available giving you the ultimate guide to becoming WELL certified. The 10 Concepts include:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Nourishment
  4. Light
  5. Movement
  6. Thermal Comfort
  7. Sound
  8. Materials
  9. Mind
  10. Community

We will focus on the Hygiene Support feature within the Water Concept which aims to improve hygiene measures in washrooms. This section deals with tangible fittings to accommodate users with diverse needs and where to reduce touch points.

A maximum of 4 points can be achieved on the scorecard in this section so let’s dive into the following criteria to be met:

Dolphin WELL Certified Superloo

Part 1 – Provide Bathroom Accommodations (1 Point)

This requirement refers to all spaces except Dwelling Units.

  1. Bathroom Accommodations
    1. All bathrooms meet the following requirements:
      1. Provide trash receptacles in women’s and single-user bathrooms (e.g., a superloo), if toilet paper cannot be flushed down toilets.
      2. Provide sanitary products at no cost or subsidised by at least 50% in women’s and single-user bathrooms.
      3. Provide a hook, shelf, or equivalent storage support in each toilet cubicle.
    2. One accessible bathroom per floor.
    3. One bathroom that provides an infant changing table.
    4. A syringe drop box at no cost – if requested by occupants.
    5. Single-user bathrooms must have appropriate signage and room/stall dimensions to meet local accessibility standards.
    6. Self-primed liquid-seal trap applied to floor drains.
  1. Family bathrooms – For projects where the majority of occupants are visitors (e.g., shopping malls, airports, museums).
    Note* Family bathroom requirements do not apply to commercial projects.

    1. Accommodate expected demand for accompaniment or assistance (e.g., children, persons with disabilities)
    2. Contain the following accommodations:
      1. Changing table (babies and toddlers)
      2. Children’s toilet facilities or accommodations for child use.
      3. Children’s washbasins or accommodation for children to use adult washbasins (step stool)
      4. Motion sensor lighting.
      5. Skid resistant flooring.
      6. Safety grab rails.
      7. At least one designated space for bags (e.g. hook or shelf separate from changing table and washbasin)
Dolphin WELL Certified Touch-Free Taps, Hand Dryers

Part 2 – Enhance Bathroom Accommodations (1 Point)

This requirement refers to all spaces except Dwelling Units.

  1. Touch free sensor flush.
  2. Touch free soap dispensers and hand drying facilities.
  3. User can exit the bathroom hands-free.
  4. Taps must meet the following criteria:
    1. Sensor-activated (touch free taps)
    2. Hygiene flush system.
    3. TMV3/TMV2 is required if hot and cold-water lines are combined at the point of use.

Part 3 – Support Effective Handwashing (1 Point)

This requirement refers to all spaces for all washbasins where handwashing is expected.

  1. Tap design must prevent water from flowing directly into the drain or a domed waste trap must be installed.
  2. Water must not splash outside the washbasin when the tap is opened in full.
  3. Newly installed washbasin to meet these design parameters:
    1. Washbasin is at least 230mm across, measured at the point where a user places their hands to wash.
    2. Length of the water column from the tap spout to the washbasin is at least 200mm.
    3. Water column is at least 75mm away from any edge of the washbasin
Dolphin WELL Certified Hand Washing

Part 4 – Provide Handwashing Supplies and Signage (1 Point)

This requirement refers to all spaces except Dwelling Units for all washbasins where handwashing is expected.

  1. Odourless liquid hand soap dispensed through one of the following:
    1. Sealed cartridge soap system.
    2. Soap dispensers that are detachable and closed (must be cleaned and disinfected before soap refill).
  2. Methods for hand drying:
    1. Paper towels.
    2. Hand dryers with HEPA filter.
    3. Fabric hand towel rolls with dispenser (rolls must be replaced before reaching the end of use).
  3. Signage displaying steps for proper handwashing.

Become an advocate for health & safety

There are many benefits to being WELL certified which include increasing the building’s value and using it as a unique selling point, but most importantly this accreditation demonstrates a culture of quality and safety.

Join the global movement to provide safer conditions and be seen as an advocate for human health and wellness in transforming buildings, organisations, and communities around the world.