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When you think of commercial toilet brush holders, your mind may drift toward the typical plastic off the shelf accessory that is, let’s be honest, not the most appealing design, especially for a smart looking washroom.

Dolphin Solutions manufactures stylish, tasteful, and attractive toilet brush holders with creative design intent behind each one to add a little something special to these essential washroom accessories.

Let us introduce the top 3 new and innovative toilet brush holders best suited for public and commercial washrooms and highlight why you should include this FF&E fitting in each WC cubicle.

Types of toilet brush sets

Dolphin reestanding toilet brush holder in mirror polish finish

1. Freestanding Toilet Brush Holder

Freestanding toilet brush holders are the most cost effective compared to mounted or recessed options, but the lower cost does not equate to substandard quality or inferior aesthetic appeal.

What makes this washroom accessory stand out is the detail of the craftsmanship. Manufactured from cast 304 grade stainless steel, this accessory is a subtle, elegant, and modern addition to the washroom.

This toilet brush set is also a convenient removable option when WC cubicles need to have the floor cleaned.

Wall mounted toilet brush holder stainless steel brush satin finish

2. Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder

Mounted toilet brush sets portray a sense of luxury in the washroom cubicle. As it fixes on the wall, there is no chance for accidental knock overs, and being neatly secured prevents vandalism.

The elegant, ergonomic design is guaranteed to add charm by keeping a consistent flow of mounted fittings in a prestige washroom and cleaning the floor underneath it is easier too.

Compared to a freestanding toilet brush holder, the mounted set may be slightly higher in cost, but it is a valuable upgrade if your budget allows it.

Dolphin recessed toilet brush holder

3. Recessed Toilet Brush Holder

The crème de la crème of commercial toilet brush holders, a combination unit recessed into the wall, adds personality to the washroom and saves space. This design is most favourable, particularly in superloo layouts.

If there is enough space in the wall cavity to accommodate this slimline unit, then it is well worth investing in this compact solution.

Combination units of this nature can include the toilet brush holder concealed behind a flap, toilet roll holders and a waste bin. This unit is also known as a toilet brush and bin set.

Toilet brush sets in a washroom cubicle

Why include toilet brush sets in a washroom cubicle?

As with all commercial washroom accessories, commercial toilet brush holders can add character to the WC cubicle and add value to the washroom experience for users and facilities teams.

It is worth considering the design of your toilet brush set because these items are within full view upon walking into the cubicle. They are part of what a user will see first when entering. Thus, careful consideration must be taken when choosing these accessories, noting that no matter which type you choose, any one of these top 3 commercial toilet brush holders is bound to make a positive impression.

Stainless steel toilet brush sets can look stunning in a brushed satin or mirror polish finish, or if you desire that wow factor, Polyester Powder Coat in any RAL colour is sure to make a design statement.

For more creative designs, view the Dolphin toilet brush range available in beautiful finishes, and in a variety of freestanding, wall mounted, and recessed toilet brush holders.

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