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To save space in a commercial washroom, one must look at every fixture and fitting to determine which of the accessories have the potential to be concealed behind the wall.

We uncover the top 3 washroom combination units that keep hand washing essentials in one place to help you save space in your washroom layout.

Combo units for a commercial washroom

Recessed washroom combination unit

1. Recessed washstation units

Recessed washroom combination units save space because they are neatly tucked away within the wall and take up no physical room on the washroom floor plate. Whether the wall cavity is narrow or deep, the dimensions of a combination unit can vary to fit the space you have allocated for this fitting and its accessories.

These units align perfectly with the outer surface, creating a consistent, smooth style along the wall. As the combo unit is concealed within the wall cavity, its integral mounting frame provides for secure installation and is the ideal solution for supporting surface mounted washroom fittings.

Looks can be deceiving with the slimline and compact design of the hidden gem because it appears that the unit holds less capacity for the various fittings within. However, the inside hides away suitable sized fittings that can cater to the demand expected for a washroom environment. In other words – the fittings hidden behind the wall (bin, paper towel dispenser, hand dryer, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder) are not necessarily smaller because the design may be slender.

Recessed washroom combination units are the most practical solution for superloo layouts because superloos are typically compact cubicles with a narrow wall cavity that needs creative ways to save space in the design.

Under counter washroom combination unit

2. Under counter combined units

As the name implies, the paper towel dispenser and waste bin combo unit is a fitting that mounts underneath a vanity. This style is ideal for designs with bin chutes in the vanity top because they lead to the bin directly below, where access to the paper towels is also situated.

Integrated with the vanity unit, the composition of the two makes for a flawless and contained design for optimum use of the wash station facilities and maximising space in traditional washrooms or superloos.

With under counter washroom combination units, you can take advantage of the space already available underneath the vanity, saving you from fitting a separate paper towel dispenser and a waste bin on the wall. However, be cautious before installation to ensure the combination unit does not interfere with piping or waste traps within the vanity unit.

By combining the separate fittings (paper towel dispenser and waste bin) within the vanity, the under-counter combos help make the room look larger and improve the overall flow of the washroom area. Damage to these combo units is also avoided, particularly in smaller washrooms where fittings project out and disrupt the movement of people.

This combo unit is the most convenient option for users because they can perform their handwashing and drying routine in one place whilst standing in the same spot at the wash basin. The user experience is fuss-free with this highly functional all-in-one wash station, and because the waste bin sits underneath the counter, the unsightly rubbish is hidden away.

Surface mounted washroom combination units

3. Surface mounted combo units

Surface mounted combination units with a bin and paper towels are mounted onto a wall and project outwards, but they add much character to a commercial washroom design. Perhaps it is desirable to highlight this modern and stylish unit to be a standout feature in your washroom, showing off the detail of added special coatings.

Displaying this projected style of a contemporary washroom fitting can boost the charm and add something different compared to installing many separate paper towel dispensers and waste bins on the wall.

They may not have the same practical effect as recessed commercial combination units in a smaller washroom, but they can still achieve that modern look where space is available in larger restrooms.

Other types of surface mounted combos also include soap and paper towel dispenser units. These two fittings combined make for an easy and convenient user experience whilst exhibiting its unique compact design and special coating.

Customise a combo unit to suit your washroom layout

Customise a combo unit to suit your washroom layout

If you have the freedom to customise your washroom design, then you should have the freedom to customise your fittings, right? Of course you can!

Here are some ideas to help you mix and match your combination unit:

  • Paper towel dispenser and waste bin
  • Paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser, waste bin, and soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser, waste bin, and automatic hand dryer
  • Combination unit with toilet tissue dispenser or toilet roll holder, sanitary bin, and toilet brush

Other features you can add to your combination unit:

  • With or without locks
  • With or without waste bin flaps
  • Combo unit in a stainless steel finish, ceramic coating, or polyester powder coat
  • Brushed in a satin finish or mirror polished
  • Combo unit with manual or touch free paper towel dispenser
  • Semi recessed washroom combination unit

The style and feature options go far beyond what one might expect from a hand drying unit.

Choosing the best all-in-one hand washing and waste bin unit

Start by:

  1. Estimating how much space you have to work with and whether the wall cavity can cater for a recessed combination unit if that is the style of choice.
  2. The next step is to look at the size and type of washroom you have designed – is it small or large, a traditional restroom or a superloo?
  3. Calculate how many combination units you need to install.
  4. Analyse the dimensions of the combination unit.
  5. Consider the design intent and objective. Is it to optimise space, increase functionality, provide a good user experience, be clutter-free, distinctive, aesthetically pleasing, or innovative?

Maybe you desire it all? The good news is that you have the freedom to customise your washroom combination unit to suit your unique washroom design.

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