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After meticulously designing your washstation, completing the installation, and either during the testing phase or officially handing over the project, an unforeseen issue is discovered: soap dispensers dripping soap onto the countertops after use.

Based on our experience as suppliers of commercial soap dispensers and Dolphin vanity units, we have encountered washstation designs where the soap dispenser location is positioned at a distance from the basin or the spout falls short of the basin. This prompts discussions with our clients about the potential issues that may arise when the ergonomic aspects of a soap dispenser are not carefully considered.

To solve this issue, it is essential to first consider the soap dispenser location and where to mount it in the design phase to prevent this problem from happening in future projects.

Automatic soap dispenser mounted above the washbasin

Where to mount a soap dispenser?

Paying attention to minor ergonomics and stressing the details in a washstation design is important to eliminate the accumulation of unsightly soap pools and potential damage to the vanity top due to dripping soap.

That is why the best soap dispenser location to mitigate this risk is above the washbasin.

Sensor soap dispenser's spout installed over the washbasin

Why place a soap dispenser over the washbasin?

Given the understanding that there is no guarantee of stopping commercial soap dispensers from dripping, it becomes imperative to explore creative ways to design a washstation that can, at the very least, direct stray soap droplets into the basin. This stands true whether it is a countertop soap dispenser, panel mounted, or behind the mirror.

Planning the soap dispenser location directly over the basin is also one of the best solutions because any potential drips that fall into the basin can be easily cleaned by the cleaning teams, and when the tap is in use, any dripped soap can be washed away down the drain.

This solution not only protects the vanity top against potential damage but also reduces the labour intensive and continuous cleaning efforts required by facilities teams to maintain the vanity in pristine condition consistently.

Discover Soap Dispenser Placement Ideas when designing washstations

Commercial wash station installed with a row of black soap dispensers and taps

Significance of soap dispenser ergonomics

The primary concern is that without careful consideration of the ergonomic design, the misalignment of the soap dispenser location in conjunction with the vanity top can pose a threat of damaging the surface.

How does soap damage a countertop?

Certain lower quality soaps possess corrosive and either acidic or alkaline properties, often containing colour pigments. When these soaps drip onto vanity surfaces like stone or even some solid surface materials (with stone being a prime example), they can lead to staining over time.

This prolonged exposure to soap that has dripped on a vanity surface and has essentially created a stagnant pool, can also eventually result in surface roughness, pitting, and erosion.

Leaving soap on the vanity for too long can potentially lead to damage that requires replacing the vanity top. You definitely want to avoid this situation because it would not only entail high labour costs for removal and installation but also lead to the temporary closure of the washroom facilities.

Gold SMART drip free soap dispenser for commercial washrooms

Invest in a no drip soap dispenser

Whether during the design phase or if you are currently dealing with soap dripping on countertops, consider investing in high quality soap dispensers that are engineered to be drip free.

If you have designed your washstation in a way where the soap dispenser location is not over the washbasin, then a drip free soap dispenser can significantly reduce the likelihood of soap dripping onto the countertop.

Row of top fill manual soap dispensers placed over washbasin counter

Design solutions for soap dispenser placement

Our recommendation is to design your washstation layout in a way that situates the soap dispenser spout directly over the washbasin. By examining the BIM model and understanding the washstation’s overall functionality, this approach not only protects the vanity top from potential soap related damage but also reduces the ongoing cleaning tasks for facilities teams.

By investing in soap dispensers that are engineered to be drip free, you are essentially adding that extra layer of protection and ensuring a cleaner and more reliable washstation experience for both users and maintenance teams alike.

If you are currently facing soap dripping problems on your countertops or have soap dispenser location concerns, get in touch with our washroom consultants. They can visit your washroom, look at the design and situation, and work with you to find a practical and cost-effective solution.