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How do you know if your commercial washroom supplier has delivered a compliant accessible WC pan? One must be aware that there are misleading statements advertised on the market and must first verify that the accessible WC pan dimensions conform with Document part M, EN 997, and BS 8300-2:2018 before purchasing.

As a leading supplier of Doc M packs and an experienced designer of accessible washrooms, Dolphin manufactures accessible washroom products according to every last detail specified in the relevant UK washroom regulations and British standards. We can equip you with the information you need to know when looking for compliant products.

In this blog, we will briefly clarify the accessible WC pan dimensions and the ramifications that affect the entire accessible washroom design if an accessible WC does not conform with regulations.

Accessible WC pan projection and height

Wheelchair accessible WC Pan dimensions

Accessible WC pan projection

As per the Doc M design considerations, the extended projection of an accessible toilet pan installed from the back wall to the front must comply with a 750mm dimension whether the WC is wall hung, floor mounted, or close coupled.

Accessible WC pan height

Dimensions must measure 480mm from the floor to the toilet seat whether the accessible WC pan is wall hung, floor mounted, or close coupled to satisfy Doc M regulations. There must be consideration for some wheelchair users who may find it difficult to use a standard height WC. In this circumstance, the WC pan can incorporate a variable height toilet seat riser which would be acceptable.

Non-compliant accessible WC pan dimensions

Installing a non-compliant WC pan before realising could negatively impact the entire layout of your accessible washroom design, regardless of whether all the heights and arrangements of the other fittings are correct.

Non-compliant accessible WC pan dimensions diagram 1

Diagram 1

Diagram 1 shows a plan view of a WC pan that projects 540mm in a wheelchair-accessible toilet cubicle with the rest of the fittings in the correct positions.

Notice that the WC pan is too short and makes it hard to transfer to and from the wheelchair. Doc M notes this potential challenge in the design considerations.

It becomes a huge problem when the building control officer inspects each dimension of the fixtures and fittings. Should they discover that the WC pan does not project to 750mm with the correct height, the accessible cubicle will be deemed non-compliant.

And what does this mean for you? It means pulling out the WC pan to install a compliant one. But, because the projection is longer with the compliant WC pan, it can overlap the fittings dimensions and layout around it (washbasin, tissue paper dispenser etc.). Essentially, you could end up redoing the entire cubicle to comply with the washroom dimensions of each fitting.

Non-compliant accessible WC pan dimensions diagram 2

Diagram 2

To demonstrate from the above example, Diagram 2 depicts a plan view of the same fitting arrangements as in Diagram 1 (the original washroom layout). This diagram shows the installation of a compliant 750mm projection WC pan replacing the previous WC pan.

As you can see, the space between the WC and the washbasin is too close together, resulting in the other fitting dimensions being out of place. Thus, merely uninstalling and reinstalling the correct WC pan is not as plain sailing as it may seem.

Every accessible washroom fitting has a ripple effect

Ensuring you know the correct dimensions of each accessible washroom product, fittings arrangements, and space measurements will avoid the risk of redoing or reinstalling these items after the building control officer has inspected your washroom.

Be aware of the ripple effects that could turn disastrous in costs and project delays, and make better-informed decisions when choosing your accessible WC pans.

By collaborating with our commercial washroom specialists, we assure you will receive the compliant solutions you need. Start by viewing Dolphin’s Doc M packs which include Doc M compliant accessible WC pans, grab rail sets, Doc M shower packs and more.

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