One of the oldest airports in Australia and ranked 20th in the world at the Skytrax World Airport Awards, Sydney Airport is world-renowned. Over 45 million people come through this airport each year and more than 100 thousand walk through most days, making it Australia’s busiest airport.

With so many people coming into contact with one another on a daily basis, hygiene is of paramount importance. Without proper facilities, diseases and infections can spread quickly in queues or busy terminals where close contact with others is unavoidable. It’s for this reason that the airport decided to refurbish its washrooms.

Sustainability is another of Sydney Airport’s primary focuses – we knew we could assist them in creating washrooms that were both elegant and eco-friendly. So, when we were approached by the specification team from Design INC, we were excited to work with them on the project.

With the goal to create sustainable and luxurious washrooms, we knew we would need to utilise every asset in our range in order to give them a sustainable yet stylish space. We have a large range of products so we were confident we could satisfy the demand where few others in the market could.

The Dolphin products that they chose were the DBL425C touch-free taps and the BCL632C touch-free soap dispensers, which provided them with several different options in terms of finishes and power supplies. These products have the added benefit of being soap and water-saving, with foam soap and changeable flow rate options. We used one of the many Dolphin multi-feed systems which prevents maintenance personnel from needing to fill multiple soap tanks in various locations. These touch-free options also reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the washrooms, for added safety and hygiene.

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Dolphin Washroom at Sydney Airport