At Dolphin Solutions, we are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, which aligns with our sustainability ethos – the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Agreement.

This agreement is designed to elevate your washroom experience and ensure the longevity of your Dolphin electronic washroom products with our comprehensive maintenance plan.

Alavo mirror system with a row of sensor taps

Why Opt for a PPM Agreement?

Maintenance is crucial for preserving the functionality of your washroom fittings. Our PPM agreement guarantees that your Alavo Mirror Systems and other Dolphin electronic fittings undergo regular checks by expert maintenance engineers, preventing issues and ensuring a seamless washroom experience.

Touch free sensor taps and Alavo with a PPM agreement

Key Features

‘Repair or Replace’ Cover

Have peace of mind with our PPM agreement that provides cover for the repair or replacement of Dolphin electronic products throughout the duration of the agreement.

Professional Care

Benefit from regular site visits, ensuring that your electronic products are always in excellent working order.

Lifelong endurance

Under the new Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement, the warranty extends to a lifetime. The same applies to our electronic washroom products, which receive a lifetime warranty exclusively through a PPM agreement.

Our approach is rooted in designing and implementing PPM plans that ensure our products seamlessly align with the lifelong journey of your washroom.

It’s not just about a warranty; it’s about crafting washroom products that stand the test of time, becoming enduring companions for the entire lifespan of your washroom.

Circular Economy Package

Contribute to sustainability by availing our Circular Economy package, allowing for the responsible recycling of equipment at the end of its life. Enhance sustainability with our circular economy package, allowing us to refurbish and reuse your used fittings, minimising landfill impact.

PPM coverage for these sensor taps, soap dispensers, and hand dryer

What does the PPM cover cost?

The cost of Dolphin’s PPM Agreement is structured on a per item basis, covering the various electronic washroom products.

The monthly cost depends on the number and types of items included in the agreement, with a small, affordable fee assigned to each item. This cost structure ensures that clients pay a reasonable monthly amount tailored to their specific maintenance needs.

For detailed pricing information, it is recommended to contact us, as costs may vary based on the scope of coverage and additional services.

An excellent commercial washroom installed with a mirror system and gold sensor taps

Ensure your washrooms remain a testament to excellence

We understand that the impression your washrooms leave is a direct reflection of your commitment to excellence. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance Agreement is crafted to go beyond routine maintenance, aiming to elevate your washroom experience to unparalleled levels of quality and consistently meet the highest standards.

Speak to a Washroom Consultant today to secure your PPM Agreement and reinforce the excellence that defines your establishment.

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