At Dolphin Solutions, our goal is to future-proof your developments by working together in close collaboration. Our washroom innovation session is a unique opportunity for you to connect with us and learn about SMART Washroom Technology and innovative washroom solutions in a different and engaging way.

This session is designed for you to openly share your challenges and experiences, as we firmly believe that by working closely together, we can continuously innovate to meet your needs and enhance the value and desirability of your properties.

Our objective is to help you make your developments more sustainable, easier to manage, and ultimately more attractive to prospective clients or tenants, all achieved through the transformation of your washrooms.

What can you expect from the session?

Our mission is to understand your unique needs, enhance your portfolio, and add lasting value to your projects that will also benefit your clients and your tenants.

What awaits you at your exclusive washroom innovation session:

Illustrated diagram on how SMART washroom technology work

SMART Technology Solutions

Experience the future of property management with our SMART washroom system:

  • Real-time data on water and consumables usage.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
  • Retain top talent through touch free, hygienic washroom solutions.
  • Seamless integration with your existing Building Management System (BMS).
White and gold commercial washroom developed with a sustainable multifeed soap system


We are committed to making your developments sustainable and compliant:

  • Achieve your sustainability goals including BREEAM Outstanding.
  • Tailored solutions that blend beauty, functionality, and sustainability.
  • Consultancy and expert advice on eco-friendly washroom design.
  • Realise cost savings through reduced water and energy usage, reduced consumables, smarter procurement, and lower stocks.
Innovative commercial washroom installed with an Alavo washwall system

Asset Management

If you are leasing properties, Dolphin’s SMART Washroom Technology ensures full control and valuable insights:

  • Monitor washroom metrics, including water usage and consumables.
  • Enable predictive maintenance and receive timely fault notifications.
  • Impress clients with sustainable, high-tech features that outlast the lease.
  • Efficiently manage your resources to reduce operational costs and improve the cost-effectiveness of your assets.
Consistent commercial washroom design

Design Consistency

Establish a consistent base specification across your portfolio, enhance brand recognition, seamlessly integrate your brand’s distinctive style, and guarantee high quality washroom products that set new standards for client and tenant satisfaction.

Hygienic commercial washroom solution


Promote a healthier, more hygienic environment within your properties by prioritising wellness and taking essential steps to mitigate the transmission of germs.

This proactive approach is not only compliant with WELL Standards, but it protects your occupants and enhances employee wellness, promoting a positive company culture and boosting profitability.

Dolphin Solutions dedicated washroom consultant in the new London showroom

We build relationships to understand your goals

Our team values effective communication, attentive listening, and delivering solutions when you need them. The session provides access to our dedicated washroom consultants who will work with your base specifications and schedule, ensuring your questions are answered and guiding you through every step of your project journey with us, from the initial stages of engagement to long-standing aftercare.

Future-proof your properties with Dolphin’s SMART solutions

Reserve your exclusive session with Dolphin Solutions to discuss your development strategy and discover the benefits of transforming your projects into sustainable, manageable assets.