Our Showcase Pop-up event is a unique opportunity for you to connect with us and learn about innovative washroom solutions in a fun and engaging way.

The event takes place at a location of your choice, where our Dolphin Pod will set up a showcase station featuring freshly baked delicious treats, including sweet pastries, doughnuts, and savoury snacks.

Indulge in the selection of tantalising baked goodies brought to you from renowned bakeries such as Gail’s Bakery, Paul’s Bakery, or Krispy Kreme, all while immersing yourself in the world of washroom products and design.

Dolphin commercial washroom specialists at Showcase Pop-up event

What can you expect from our Showcase Pop-up Event?

During the event, you will have the exclusive opportunity to view product samples, special finishes, and learn more about the latest washroom design innovations. Our Washroom Specialists will be available to answer your questions and provide insights on how to make your washroom WELL compliant.

The Showcase Pop-up event is a casual and friendly atmosphere that creates the perfect setting to build connections with our team members, resulting in a valuable and unforgettable experience.

Washroom products, boxes of doughnuts, and pastries at showcase pop-up event

You d🍩nut want to miss this!

There’s also a prize draw to make this event even sweeter!

Bring your business card and drop it into the box for a chance to win a £25 voucher of your choice!

The lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced before we leave, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to win big!

A Sweet Journey through Washroom Innovations