Commercial Baby Changing Unit Range

Prioritise safety, comfort, and convenience for children, parents, and caregivers while creating a welcoming, visually appealing infant changing station in line with your design vision.

Our commercial baby changing unit range caters to diverse washroom styles, accommodating architects’ and caregivers’ preferences that are ideal for public spaces like retail premises and commercial developments.

Discover the different types of changing tables in the Dolphin range to elevate your commercial washroom design and cater to the needs of caregivers and children, ensuring a safe, seamless and functional experience for all.

We design and create a wide range of high quality washroom accessories from soap dispensers and to baby changing units and from wash troughs to taps and hand dryers. Our aim is to deliver superior washroom products that create a space people get the best out of and that give the right impression of the business or organisation. Our product range caters for all requirements and budgets and our highly experienced team are on hand to help you select the products that are right for you.

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