Paper Towel Dispensers

As with the other essentials in our extensive selection of washroom solutions, our commercial paper towel dispensers and sanitary towel dispensers speak of excellent performance when it comes to providing you with a complete and thorough handwashing experience.

For that ultimate hygiene, superior quality, and timeless design that will perfectly blend with your prestigious washrooms, our paper towel dispenser collection offers unlimited options to choose from for any public or commercial washroom. Choose from a wide range of custom finishes and specialty coatings, high-grade quality materials, touch-free and automatic operations, security features (lockable), and paper towel type and sizes options (rolls, etc.), among many others.

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Paper Towel Dispensers

Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and convenient to use, paper towel dispensers are ideal for any workplace washroom. We offer a range of options to choose from, from recessed designs to automatic infra-red models and manual dispensers. All of our paper towel dispensers are designed to last and made from high-quality materials, so you can ensure that they’ll stand up to regular use from visitors, customers, and employees.

Cost-Effective Solution

Paper towel dispensers are a low-cost solution for commercial spaces and can be used instead of, or in addition to, electric hand dryers. They’re easy to refill and can be installed onto any wall, making them a vital addition to any public restroom. We offer paper towel dispensers in a range of sizes and shapes, as well as those made from stainless steel, coloured glass and acrylic, so you can choose the finish that best suits your premises. Steel dispensers look modern and sleek, providing a professional finish that is long-lasting, while coloured glass or acrylic are easy to clean and cheaper – the ideal option for larger spaces where more dispensers are required, such as gyms and shopping centres.

Manual and Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

In addition to the choice of material, we also offer a choice of manual or automatic dispensers. Manual paper towel dispensers are convenient and easy to operate, while infrared technology offers a touch-free option for the ultimate in hygiene. Manual options require the user to tear their own paper towels to the length they need or use single pre-folded sheets – they are typically cheaper and give people the option of using as much as they need. Automatic dispensers are well-suited for medical facilities as they don’t require the user to touch the dispenser and risk bacteria touching their hands.

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