Commercial toilet waste bins

The Dolphin waste bin collection offers a variety of durable options, ranging from wall mounted waste bin designs to bin chutes and custom made commercial toilet waste bins. This extensive collection caters to a wide spectrum of washrooms, whether in commercial, retail, transport, education, or leisure settings.

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Endless design possibilities

To meet the comprehensive needs of architects in commercial washroom designs, we provide a wide array of different types of waste bins. These commercial toilet waste bins include various sizes, shapes, capacities, special coatings, and features ensuring an extensive selection for their specific needs.

The features offer a broad spectrum of design enhancements for this essential washroom fitting. The versatility of the Dolphin waste bin range is highlighted by various elements such as bin flaps, locking doors, bin liners, options with or without lids, and shapes including rectangular, square, round, or half moon designs.

Our range also includes commercial toilet waste bins with bag dispensers, basket frames, surface mounted frames with or without flaps, removable inner buckets, combination units integrating paper towels and/or automatic hand dryers, and even branding options like company logos or signage.

The wide array of choices ensures tailored washroom solutions for personal preferences and functional needs within all commercial and public washrooms.

Elevating Washroom Design Experience

Recognising that washroom design extends beyond visual aesthetics, we have prioritised the user experience and the practicality of maintenance and housekeeping routines with all our commercial toilet waste bins.

Dolphin’s washroom consultants help our clients select the most suitable washroom bins for their design, considering factors such as the washroom type (traditional or superloo layout), building type, anticipated foot traffic (which determines the waste bin capacity), projected housekeeping schedule, and the inclusion of wash troughs or washbasins.

Explore our commercial washroom bins

As the all-in-one washroom solution for commercial developments, designers have the option to match the finishes of their selected commercial toilet waste bins with other washroom products in our range that feature PPC or ceramic coatings. For a timeless appearance, we provide brushed satin and mirror polished stainless steel waste bins, allowing for a classic and cohesive look across the washroom space.

In our collection you will find an assortment of commercial washroom bins, including sanitary bins, surface mounted waste bins, recessed waste bins, pedal waste bins, and vanity waste bins.

If you haven’t discovered what you are looking for, we have undertaken commissioned projects crafting bespoke commercial toilet waste bins. We understand the appeal of adding a personalised touch, as it often serves as the extra “wow” factor to transform washroom design visions into reality. This is precisely what we strive to achieve by working closely, every step of the way, in our clients’ washroom project journey.

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