At Dolphin Solutions, we understand the importance of the facilities management (FM) industry and the role it plays in enabling positive experiences in the workplace. Facilities Managers are often described as the unsung heroes of the built environment as they ensure the safe running of a business, dedicated to maintaining the efficiency and usability of our workplaces.

As we know, ensuring a clean and tidy workplace is vital to any business. The organisation and hygiene levels of a business directly affect its efficiency, productivity and morale of employees. Research from Jeffrey Campbell, PhD chair of FM programmes at Brigham Young University, reported that 88% of employees say that productivity, concentration and learning is hampered in dirty and dull workplaces.

Today, 17th of May, World FM Day celebrates the global facilities management (FM) community, looking at how facilities teams enable positive experiences around the globe.

To celebrate, we’ve looked at some of the ways we think facilities teams are unsung heroes and why they are the key to a successful business.

  1. Healthier employees

Workplace illness is a leading cause of inefficiency, according to the Cleaning Services Group; one person carrying a virus will infect 50% of employees in just 4 hours. An FM manager helps to maintain clean washrooms in the workplace which prevent the spread of germs and harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella, E. coli and Norovirus.

  1. A safer environment

Unclean washrooms pose a severe safety risk to employees. For example water and toilet paper on the floor can be serious slip hazards. Keeping public washrooms clean also allows employees to feel proud of their work environment and will ensure risks are reduced. FM personnel will help keep on top of regular inspections to guarantee the safety of staff.

  1. Improved concentration and productivity levels

A cleaner, more organised office environment can push organisations towards greater digitisation, this benefits employee productivity because it improves efficiency. Research from CrowdSpring has proven a correlation between productivity and clutter. Clutter increases stress levels and reduces concentration as employees are constantly looking for items and paperwork.

  1. Higher business standards

The cleanliness of your office also reflects your company as a whole. It is crucial to make a good impression when clients or employees visit your workspace for the first time, especially washrooms. Research from a Harris Poll survey has found that 86% of people are more likely to return to an establishment when washroom facilities are pleasant and hygienic.

If you are a Facilities Manager who is looking for some consultation on washroom design then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team who would be happy to offer advice.


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