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Maintaining proper washroom hygiene in the workplace is crucial for promoting a clean and healthy environment. However, businesses often encounter several challenges when it comes to maintaining optimal hygiene levels in their washrooms due to various factors such as neglect or lack of maintenance, inconsiderate users, lack of cleaning staff, and even lack of hygiene awareness of best hygiene practices.

As a washroom company, we understand washroom hygiene challenges due to our expertise, industry knowledge, customer feedback, and collaboration with experts. We conduct research, stay updated on regulations, develop innovative products to address specific hygiene needs in commercial environments and provide ongoing support and training to help our clients choose washroom solutions and products that will make it easier to maintain optimal hygiene levels in their washrooms.

In this blog, we will explore some of these washroom hygiene challenges and present effective solutions for you to overcome them.

Managing toilet hygiene in the workplace

Let’s identify the top 6 hygiene issues in the workplace washroom and reveal the washroom hygiene solutions for each area.

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Timed hygiene flush installed in this commercial washroom

Challenge 1: Insufficient Ventilation and Odour Control

Inadequate ventilation is a washroom hygiene challenge that can lead to a build-up of unpleasant odours, excessive moisture, and the growth of harmful bacteria and moulds. This not only compromises the hygiene of the washroom but also affects the overall air quality.

Due to inadequate ventilation, poor cleaning practices, or plumbing issues, these odours can create a negative impression and impact the overall perception of cleanliness and hygiene within a business.

Hygiene Solution

It is advisable to implement regular flushing protocols to reduce the risk of waste traps drying up and causing a foul smell from the washbasin.

Consider installing a timed hygiene flush which periodically flushes the waste traps, ensuring that water flows through the plumbing system, preventing any stagnant water from becoming stale and emitting unpleasant odours.
This practice helps maintain a hygienic environment and minimises the risk of foul smells, especially during periods when the building is unoccupied.

To improve ventilation, ensure that washrooms have functional extractor fans or windows that allow for the exchange of fresh air. Conduct regular inspections to identify any issues with ventilation systems and promptly address them. Perhaps consider installing air fresheners or automatic fragrance dispensers to maintain a pleasant and fresh smelling environment.

SMART sensor taps integrated with Alavo behind mirror system in a washroom

Challenge 2: Plumbing and Water Management

Proper plumbing and water management are crucial for maintaining washroom hygiene. Issues like clogged toilets, leaking or broken taps, or inadequate water pressure can hinder cleanliness efforts and contribute to unsanitary conditions.

Hygiene Solution

Integrate SMART washroom technology. In a smart washroom system, maintenance and cleaning alerts are generated based on data collected by sensors placed in SMART enabled washroom products, such as sensor taps, automatic soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers.

The collected data is analysed to detect refills or malfunctions, such as low soap levels or non-operational sensor taps. When an issue is identified, an alert is sent to the maintenance team for resolution. Once the task is completed, the status is updated in the system.

This automated process helps proactively address maintenance and cleaning needs, improving washroom hygiene and user experience.

If the washroom does not have a SMART washroom system with SMART enabled appliances, it is recommended to implement a routine inspection schedule to identify potential issues. Engage professional plumbers or maintenance teams for regular checks to ensure proper maintenance and address any problems that may arise.

Waste bins in gold finish with paper towel sign

Challenge 3: Inadequate Waste Management

Improper waste management can lead to unclean and unpleasant washroom environments and businesses may face challenges in managing waste effectively, especially in high traffic areas. Overflowing bins and the incorrect disposal of feminine hygiene products can create a negative impression and contribute to unhygienic conditions.

Hygiene Solution

Ensure that waste bins are strategically placed and regularly emptied to prevent overflow. Also consider installing larger capacity bins to accommodate the volume of waste.

Find out how to determine the waste bin capacity you need for your washroom.

Promote proper disposal practices by providing clear signage and easily accessible sanitary disposal units for items such as sanitary products, and educate employees and visitors about the significance of responsible waste management to encourage washroom hygiene compliance.

Clean commercial washroom with well-maintained black sensor taps and touch-free soap dispenser

Challenge 4: Poor Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping up with the demands of high traffic areas, particularly in large businesses or public facilities, can be overwhelming, and the lack of proper maintenance and regular cleaning in washrooms poses a significant challenge in consistently maintaining a hygienic environment.

Over time, dirt, grime, and unpleasant odours can accumulate due to inadequate cleaning regimes, negatively impacting the washroom experience for users and overall washroom hygiene levels.

Another challenge arises when there are special finishes on taps, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and other washroom appliances. If the cleaning team is not familiar with the proper cleaning techniques for these special finishes, there is a risk of them damaging or ruining the appearance of the appliances.

Hygiene Solution

To tackle the challenge of cleaning and maintaining specialty coatings on washroom products, it is advisable to reach out to the washroom manufacturer that supplied the appliances. They can provide you with a guide on how to effectively clean products with specialty coatings.

Read our guide about how to clean special finishes like black taps in commercial washrooms.

Develop a well defined cleaning schedule that outlines specific tasks, frequencies, and responsibilities to ensure that washrooms are cleaned thoroughly and regularly, including the disinfection of high touch surfaces.

Invest in high quality cleaning products that effectively eliminate germs and odours and consider hiring professional cleaning services for periodic deep cleaning to maintain optimal washroom hygiene standards.

Washroom consumable foaming soap refill

Challenge 5: Insufficient Washroom Supplies

One common challenge faced by businesses is the inadequate availability of essential washroom hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels. Insufficient supplies can lead to frustration among users and compromise overall hygiene standards.

Businesses may also face challenges in keeping these supplies well stocked, especially during busy periods or when faced with supply chain disruptions.

Hygiene Solution

Regular supply management is key to tackling this challenge. Businesses should implement a robust inventory management system that ensures a consistent supply of essential items.

Some washroom manufacturers offer consumables, which means you can always reach out to the company that provided your washroom products (soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers) to supply hand soap, paper towels, sanitizer etc. Plus, utilising their services offers an additional advantage because they already have experience from working on the washroom project and will know exactly what is needed.
So, it is worthwhile knowing which washroom manufacturer supplied the washroom products.

Facilities teams should also conduct regular checks to identify any shortages or potential issues in advance. Alternatively, consider partnering with a reliable janitorial supplier to streamline the procurement process and ensure a steady supply of necessary washroom hygiene products.

A business man washing his hands using the Alavo behind mirror system

Challenge 6: Best Hygiene Practice

Promoting proper hygiene practices among employees and visitors is essential but can be challenging to enforce. Some people may neglect handwashing or not follow proper hand hygiene techniques, increasing the risk of spreading germs and infections.

Hygiene Solution

To promote proper washroom hygiene practices, businesses can implement educational campaigns, training sessions, and visual reminders. Maintaining and ensuring hygienic facilities are accessible, leading by example, and ongoing communication are essential to keeping the washroom hygienic.

By raising awareness, providing guidance, and creating a culture of washroom hygiene, businesses can encourage employees and visitors to follow good hygiene practices and maintain a clean and healthy workplace environment.

Download our workplace email template below to help you start your educational washroom hygiene campaign today.

Create a welcoming and hygienic washroom

Maintaining optimal hygiene levels in commercial washrooms can be a challenging task for businesses. However, by understanding the common challenges and implementing effective solutions, businesses can promote a clean and healthy environment for employees and visitors.

From ensuring an adequate supply of washroom hygiene products to implementing a robust cleaning schedule and waste management system, each challenge has a corresponding solution that can make a significant difference. Proper ventilation, plumbing maintenance, and promoting good hygiene practices through education and communication are also crucial aspects to consider.

Remember, a clean and hygienic washroom not only enhances the overall experience for users but also reflects positively on your business and its commitment to providing a healthy environment. By implementing the solutions discussed in this article, you can create a washroom that promotes hygiene, boosts employee wellbeing, and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Take action today and transform your commercial washroom into a clean, hygienic, and welcoming space for all.


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