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Hand dryers are popular in commercial washrooms because they are cost efficient, hygienic, provide a better washroom experience, and are environmentally friendly and reliable.

But which one is best suited for your washroom design?

Let’s explore the top 6 commercial automatic hand dryers based on their style and special features.

Commercial hand dryers for your washroom

Recessed commercial automatic hand dryers

1. Recessed hand dryer

Behind wall hand dryers are the perfect solution to create space in a washroom. The chic model is not only aesthetically pleasing but improves the overall look and feel with its discreet and unobtrusive design.

Recessed hand dryers can also be combined with bins and paper towel dispensers in one combination unit for user convenience and to keep hand drying essentials neatly tucked away in one place.

Mini commercial automatic hand dryers

2. Mini hand dryer

Small commercial automatic hand dryers are an ideal choice for washrooms with limited space, such as accessible washrooms and superloos. The 100mm projection from the wall makes this a subtle and quality hand drying solution. Its small size does not equate to substandard functionality, and it would be a mistake to underestimate the capability of this compact model.

A mini hand dryer is most certainly a worthy opponent to its larger counterparts as it can dry hands just as fast and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions with its high-speed low-energy features.

Surface mounted commercial automatic hand dryers

3. Surface mounted hand dryer

The traditional style of this hot air dryer is still commonly found in commercial washrooms today with its timeless, simple design and reliable functionality. Its standard dimensions are uniform to most commercial automatic hand dryers on the market should you desire a more conventional option.

Specifying special finishes can turn this traditional hand dryer into a unique feature in the washroom that displays individuality and stands out from the standard style of surface-mounted hand dryers, thus enhancing the washroom room design.

Hands in commercial automatic hand dryers

4. Hands in hand dryer

When we think of a commercial automatic hand dryer, the usual image that springs to mind is a model typically compact and installed on a wall. The hands in hand dryer has completely transformed that and has revolutionised the world of hand dryers with its distinctive and sophisticated features.

This jet mounted hand dryer is a powerful model designed to evaporate water in a matter of seconds and dry hands quickly whilst using little energy in the process. The slimline design requires a clear wall area and may take up some space in the washroom, but the extra value it adds with its energy saving features far outweighs the benefit of saving space.

With the force of air from traditional hand dryers, water may splash off a user’s hands and onto the wall, which can drip down onto the floor and create a puddle. The unique design of a hands in hand dryer prevents this from happening because it evaporates water and does not allow it to escape.

Behind mirror commercial automatic hand dryers

5. Behind mirror hand dryer

The advantage of a high-speed behind mirror hand dryer is it allows users to dry their hands without moving from the washbasin. It turns the handwashing space into an all-in-one wash station which is convenient for the user and appealing for a clutter free hand wash area.

Another advantage is eliminating safety risks. When a user has to walk from the washbasin to a hand dryer placed elsewhere in the washroom, the water on their hands can drip onto the floor and may cause a slip hazard – this situation is dangerous. Keeping the user at the washstation to dry their hands with a behind mirror hand dryer means they don’t have to carry water from the basin across the washroom.

Wash wall systems, like Dolphin’s ALAVO, typically include hand dryers concealed behind the mirror with easy access for maintenance and servicing. Behind mirror hand dryers are best suited for minimalistic, modern, small or large washroom designs and are a favourite choice if saving space in a superloo is a priority.

Revolving nozzle commercial automatic hand dryers

6. Revolving nozzle hand dryer

Can a hand dryer serve more than one purpose? With a revolving nozzle hand dryer, it can! The exterior nozzle has a 360⁰ rotating functionality where users have the opportunity to turn the air outlet in any direction. But why would users want to do this?

Drying hands after washing them is the most obvious reason to have a hand dryer in the first place, but what about users with wet faces or wet clothes? Perhaps a user is drenched from the rain and needs to dry their clothes off (or hair) before work starts, or perhaps on a hot day, a user needs to splash their face with water to cool down. Both scenarios need a solution at the user’s convenience to dry themselves up and move on with their day.

The nozzle serves a beneficial purpose with its rotating function to direct the airflow in a position for a user to dry themselves comfortably rather than trying to crouch underneath a hand dryer.

Considering there would be a fair amount of handling, this commercial automatic hand dryer is vandal resistant and sturdy enough to withstand the constant alteration of its nozzle.

Other factors to consider when choosing an automatic hand dryer

Commercial automatic hand dryers wouldn’t be special if they didn’t have unique features or added benefits. Talk through the various points below with your washroom specialist to ensure you are getting the best hand dryer for your washroom.

  • With or without locks
  • Hand dryers that include HEPA filter
  • Sound / noise level to achieve quiet mark accreditation
  • Motor speed and adjustable power function
  • Heater on/off functionality
  • Wattage
  • Finishes and special coatings
  • LRV % for hand dryers in Doc M washrooms
  • Compliance with SKA, UL, Doc M, and WELL
  • High-speed low-energy hand dryers
  • Low environmental impact to reduce carbon footprint
  • Cost

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