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In commercial washroom design, selecting the appropriate commercial toilet is crucial for both practical and aesthetic considerations. A close coupled WC, with its traditional appearance, is an ideal choice due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance.

Dolphin Solutions is a supplier of prestigious washroom products, including WC pans, and we believe that it is essential to consider the details of every product you choose to ensure you make the right decision that is best for your design and washroom functionality.

Let’s explore more about a close coupled WC and whether it is a good choice to specify for your commercial washroom.

Dolphin DC2007 close coupled WC

Close coupled commercial toilets: Factors to consider to help you decide

  • Maintenance
    A close coupled WC has its cistern mounted directly on top of the toilet bowl, making it easier to access for maintenance tasks such as cleaning, parts replacement, and water level adjustments.
  • Efficient flushing
    Close coupled toilets with a delayed action inlet valve have a more efficient flushing system. This can help to reduce water consumption and keep water bills down.
  • Traditional style
    Close coupled toilets have a timeless look that can enhance the overall appearance of a washroom. With a wide range of styles to choose from, including Victorian styles that add a classic and elegant touch to washrooms with traditional decor themes, they offer versatility in design.
  • Cost-effective
    A close coupled WC is often a more affordable option and can be a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to upgrade their washroom facilities without overspending.
  • Noise
    A Close coupled WC can be noisier than other types of toilets during flushing which can be a concern in commercial environments where noise levels can impact the overall user experience.
Traditional style close coupled WC with toilet seat
  • Aesthetics
    Close-coupled toilets may not be suitable for some commercial washroom designs as they typically do not fit the contemporary aesthetic and emphasis on modernity and efficiency that is often sought after in commercial settings.
  • Hygiene and cleaning
    A close coupled WC can be difficult to clean because of the tight space between the cistern and the bowl, which can make it challenging to reach and clean all areas effectively. The crevices and curves of the toilet can trap dirt and bacteria, making it harder to maintain a high level of cleanliness.
  • SMART washroom technology
    A SMART washroom system cannot be integrated with a close coupled WC, which is a significant disadvantage. This limitation restricts the ability to monitor usage, detect issues, and control water consumption, leading to inefficiencies and potentially higher maintenance costs.

Why a close coupled WC the ideal solution for your commercial washroom?
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Commercial close coupled WC with a toilet seat cover

Should you choose a close coupled toilet for your commercial washroom?

A close coupled WC has many advantages, making it an ideal option for commercial washrooms. They are easy to maintain, cost-effective, and have a timeless appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a traditional washroom design. However, there are also some other factors to consider, such as noise levels during flushing, hygiene and cleaning, and missing out on the benefits of integrating SMART washroom technology.

To determine if a close coupled WC is appropriate for your washroom design, you should speak to a washroom specialist who can analyse the layout, understand your functionality and design requirements, provide insight into various other washroom solutions, and help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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