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The concern about being ‘locked in’ to Dolphin Solutions when deciding whether or not to specify our cartridge soap dispenser system in Alavo stems from worries about increasing costs, dependency, reliability, and limited options to purchase the soap cartridges from other suppliers.

Having worked on hundreds of washroom projects involving the installation of the cartridge soap dispenser system, we genuinely understand your concerns and would like to answer the frequently asked questions that arise when our clients are deciding between a soap cartridge and a bulk fill soap dispenser system.

Foam soap cartridge installed behind a mirror for Alavo soap dispenser

Main worries about the Dolphin cartridge system

Will Dolphin increase the soap cartridge price after I sign?

We understand your concern that opting for our cartridge soap dispenser system might seem like you will be stuck buying soap cartridges exclusively from us and that we could potentially take advantage of this by raising prices at our discretion.

However, what you may not be aware of is you are not obligated to purchase soap cartridges exclusively from us; you have the option to purchase the soap cartridges from any of your distributors and open it up for tender to select the most suitable supplier.

Considering there are numerous suppliers of soap cartridges, we are fully dedicated to keeping our prices competitive. This reflects our commitment to staying in line with the market and, importantly, not taking advantage of our position as your provider.

I already have a contract with a soap supplier, how can Dolphin provide a solution to this?

While you currently have a contractual arrangement with a soap supplier, we recommend exploring the possibility that your current supplier may already carry Dolphin cartridges in stock.

If not, there is a significant opportunity for them to procure our high quality soap cartridges and seamlessly integrate them into their supply chain, ensuring you receive a superior product.

Engaging with your current supplier to explore this avenue could lead to an expanded and elevated range of soap options for your business.

What would happen if Dolphin were to stop operating or go out of business and I would be left without a soap supplier?

On a more positive note, our business is running smoothly, and clients can rest assured that there is no need to be concerned about our financial stability.

However, to address this concern, in the highly unlikely event that Dolphin Solutions were to cease operations, you can find reassurance in knowing that an alternative procurement channel will always be available to purchase soap cartridges, ensuring uninterrupted service in washroom operations.

Bulk fill soap dispenser systems are cost-effective, why would I switch to an option that will cost me more?

While a bulk fill soap dispenser system offers certain advantages, it is worth noting that it lacks the additional benefits of a cartridge soap dispenser system. These range from enhanced hygiene standards and sustainability benefits to streamlined maintenance processes and long term cost savings.

Superior Hygiene

  • Complies with WELL Standards, ensuring superior hygiene and sanitation.
  • Sealed system stops debris contamination and guards against bacteria during replenishment.
  • Low maintenance as soap feed does not require cleaning or priming before cartridge replacement.

Sustainability Focus

  • A cartridge soap dispenser that is made of recyclable materials contributes to sustainability efforts.
  • Reduced waste and extended use with foam soap; less product goes down the drain.
  • Longer lasting foam soap reduces cartridge soap dispenser orders, saving time and money.
  • Water conservation through reduced rinse water usage with commercial foaming soap.

Efficient Maintenance

  • User-friendly cartridge replacement process with minimal effort and maintenance.
  • Lighter weight of cartridges eases handling during replacement.
  • Quick replenishment takes as little as 40 seconds, minimising disruptions in washroom operations.

Lower Costs

Cartridge soap dispenser systems provide significant long term cost savings by preventing soap wastage, preventing damage to soap dispensers from congealed soap because of soap contamination, and minimising the need for replacements or repairs.

This approach not only reduces expenses on soap procurement but also extends the lifespan of the soap dispensers and reservoirs, resulting in a more economical and efficient washroom maintenance strategy.

Watch this video on FAQs about the Dolphin cartridge soap dispenser:

Soap cartridge refill system installed under the vanity counter

Ensuring flexibility and future-proofing your soap system investment

Dolphin Solutions is committed to delivering the finest commercial washroom solution to our clients, one that is both sustainable and cost-effective in both the short and long run. We do not believe in taking unfair advantage; our integrity will not allow it.

That is the reason we designed the Alavo cartridge soap dispenser system in its current form: to offer our clients the freedom to obtain their soap supplies in a way that suits their preferences while delivering a secure, hygienic, and efficient soap system solution.

Drawing from our experience, future problems with refillable soap dispenser reservoirs can end up costing more than using Alavo cartridges from the start. That is why we offer a 10 year warranty for the Alavo with the soap cartridge system, a significant contrast to the 3 year warranty provided for refillable bulk fill soap systems and soap bottles.

If the cartridge soap dispenser system is still not the right fit for your project, we are here to provide support and help guide you toward the best washroom solution that realises your design vision and meets your needs effectively.

If you have further concerns, our washroom consultants are here to answer all your questions and will help you choose the best commercial hand soap dispenser solution for your project.