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As an architect or contractor, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account when designing and building a commercial washroom to ensure that it meets the needs of the intended users, complies with all relevant regulations and standards, and is aesthetically pleasing. They also aim to achieve this in the easiest and most seamless way possible.

One crucial tool in this process is obtaining a washroom sanitaryware schedule, which outlines all the necessary information about the washroom products required for a successful project and makes life easier.

Dolphin Solutions manufactures and supplies washroom products and accessories, and as part of our service offering, we provide the Dolphin sanitaryware schedule because we know that this document makes life easier for our clients and saves them time.

In this blog, we will delve into everything you need to know about a washroom specification schedule, including what it is, why it is important, and how it can help alleviate some of the challenges when specifying washroom products.

Row of satin brushed hand dryers with HEPA filter

What is a washroom specification schedule?

A washroom sanitaryware schedule (also known as a washroom specification schedule) is a document that outlines the specific details and requirements for washroom products. It typically includes information such as product codes, washroom product descriptions, unit prices, product images, and any relevant regulations or standards the product meets.

A sanitaryware schedule is an essential tool for architects and contractors as it provides clear and concise information about the products and gives a nice overview of what has been specified.

Sensor taps with a sanitaryware schedule

Why is a washroom specification schedule important?

1. Ensures compliance with regulations and standards

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of users, commercial washrooms must meet various regulations and standards, such as BREEAM and WELL. A washroom sanitaryware schedule typically includes information on which standards each washroom product meets.

2. Reduces errors and misunderstandings

A sanitaryware schedule provides accurate details about washroom fixtures and fittings requirements, which can reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings that may arise when product information is not clearly communicated. Specific details and descriptions ensure accuracy of information and streamline the procurement process.

3. Helps with budgeting

A sanitaryware schedule can also help with budgeting by outlining the cost of each washroom product, giving you a good idea of the expenses and helping to keep the washroom project within budget.

4. Ensures consistency

A sanitaryware schedule, which provides a general overview of all specified products, helps ensure consistency in the washroom products used and that they meet the required standards.

5. Saves time

A washroom company that provides a sanitaryware schedule spares you the hassle of poring over datasheets and scraping their website to find the commercial washroom supplies you need.

6.Visual guide to product codes and features

A comprehensive list of sanitaryware products presented in a straightforward format offers an easy-to-follow visual guide that provides valuable insights into the product codes, their appearance, and an accurate description of their features.

The inconvenience caused without a washroom schedule

Identifying and selecting the appropriate washroom products for your needs can be challenging without a sanitaryware schedule. You may have to rely on guesswork, research individual products one by one, or engage in back-and-forth conversations to communicate product details, which can be time-consuming and may lead to errors or incorrect product selections.

Commercial washroom supplies in brushed satin finish

What is included in a sanitary schedule?

A comprehensive washroom sanitaryware schedule should include the following:

  • Project Name
  • Reference Number and Date
  • Washroom Design Support Representative
  • Washroom Company Contact Details
  • Sanitaryware Specification Reference (SAN)
  • Product Codes
  • Washroom Product Images
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product website link
  • Additional Notes
  • BREEAM / LEED / NABERS UK Compliant
  • WELL Standard Features
  • Finishes and special coatings available
  • RRP
  • Unit Prices

Sample of Dolphin’s sanitaryware schedule

To give you a better idea about the layout of a sanitaryware schedule, here is an example of what architects and contractors receive from Dolphin:

Product CodeDescriptionNotesBREEAM / LEED / NABERSWELL StandardSpecial Finishes Available
Dolphin Inform Slimline Wall Tap - Strataplate Version
Dolphin Inform Slimline Wall Tap - Strataplate Version
Satin brushed stainless steel finish
Plug Transformer

Click product link here
  • Projection 150mm to outlet
  • Up to 70% water savings
  • 55⁰ spout
  • SMART enabled touch free tap
Flow rate: Max. 4.0 litres/minute (1.0, 1.75, 2.0, 3.0 litres/minute available) between 0.5 and 6.0 barTouch freeCeramic Coat
Polyester Powder Coat
Physical Vapour Deposition
Dolphin Velocity Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter Satin Brushed S.S.
Dolphin Velocity Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter Satin Brushed S.S.

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  • High speed, low energy eco hand dryer
  • Standard surface mounted or fitted behind hinged mirror
  • Stainless Steel finish
Low energy consumptionSupplied with HEPA filter for WELL StandardCeramic Coat
Polyester Powder Coat
Physical Vapour Deposition
Dolphin Behind Mirror Touch Free WELL Compliant Foam Soap Dispenser - 2 Litre
Dolphin Behind Mirror Touch Free WELL Compliant Foam Soap Dispenser - 2 Litre, including transformer

Click product link here
  • 10,000 shots per cartridge
  • Up to 8 Touch Free soap dispensers
  • 10-15% water/energy saving
  • 6,000 shots per cartridge
-WELL compliant-

Save yourself time and avoid the hassle

A sanitaryware schedule is an essential tool for architects and contractors when starting to design and build a commercial washroom. It provides accurate information about washroom products, includes information on which standards each washroom product meets, helps with budgeting, ensures consistency, saves time, and offers a visual guide to product codes and features.

Without a sanitaryware schedule, selecting appropriate washroom products can be challenging and time-consuming, and can also lead to errors and misunderstandings.

When you next request washroom products from your supplier, consider asking if they can recommend suitable products for your washroom by reviewing your CGI, pictures, or drawings. Alternatively, you can suggest specific products from their range, and they can create a washroom specification based on your selection.

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