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When the standard conventional range of commercial washroom bins on the market doesn’t match your unique washroom design vision, there is an option to customise bespoke waste bins.

At Dolphin Solutions, our team of washroom designers has skilfully crafted bespoke commercial washroom bins for our clients, opening up a world of possibilities to transform their commercial washroom into a space that is both visually stunning and efficient.

In this article, we present our readers with creative ideas for bespoke washroom waste bin designs while also exploring the conventional offerings typically found in commercial washrooms to help you make the best decision for your project.

Bespoke washroom bins

Customising a bespoke commercial washroom bin offers a unique solution for washroom design, allowing you to tailor them precisely to your specific washroom design needs and aesthetic preferences.

Here are a couple of ideas to provide you with a glimpse of the design possibilities that can be achieved with bespoke washroom waste bins:

Three photos of a space saving recessed combination unit waste bin with washroom accessories

Recessed combination unit waste bin with washroom accessories

One might assume that a combination unit only offers the option of including a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer with a waste bin. However, if your design calls for an all-in-one solution to keep all WC necessities in one place, a recessed combination unit featuring a toilet brush, waste bin, and toilet roll holder is the perfect solution.

This space saving combination is particularly beneficial in superloo layouts and standard toilet cubicles.

Hidden commercial washroom bin with a pull out feature and discreet bin flap installed in Superloo

Waste bin hidden within the wall

Concealed commercial washroom bins with a pull out feature and a discreet bin flap not only combine practicality for cleaning teams and user convenience but also seamlessly blends into the overall aesthetic of the washroom design. Its hidden placement within the wall behind a panel ensures an uncluttered and visually pleasing toilet cubicle.

This waste bin design provides easy access for cleaning teams, as they can simply pull it out when needed for efficient waste disposal and cleaning. The hidden placement ensures a neater appearance, maintaining an organised and structured look.

The waste bin’s discreet design ensures it remains unobtrusive, harmonising effortlessly with the overall appearance of the washroom.

This customised approach not only provides more space for users to move around the toilet cubicle but also allows for the convenient usage of the small discreet bin flap with signage, enhancing user comfort and satisfaction.

Are bespoke washroom bins more expensive?

While bespoke commercial washroom bins are tailored to specific requirements and can be more expensive if ordered in small volumes, mass production of customised waste bins leads to higher production volumes and economies of scale, resulting in potentially lower manufacturing costs. This advantage may very well make them a suitable fit for your budget.

Ultimately, the cost of bespoke commercial washroom bins depends on the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the scale of production. It is essential to consider both the initial price and the long term benefits before making a decision.

Different types of waste bins

Before you consider customising a waste bin, let’s explore if any of these options might be suitable for complementing your washroom design:

Wall mounted stainless steel washroom bin

Wall mounted waste bin

A wall mounted waste bin is a practical option due to its space saving design, making it suitable for washrooms of all sizes and simplifying cleaning for facilities teams.

Floor mounted stainless steel commercial washroom bin

Floor mounted waste bin

Floor mounted commercial washroom bins provide discreet placement, whether installed in a corner near the washstation or placed away from the footpath.

It can accommodate larger bin capacities while maintaining a sleek appearance, ensuring ample space for waste disposal without looking cluttered.

Recessed commercial washroom bin in gold finish

Recessed waste bin

Recessed commercial washroom bins offer the advantage of being seamlessly integrated into the wall, creating a neat and unobtrusive appearance.

A recessed waste bin optimises space and helps maintain a clean and clutter free environment in the washroom.

Recessed combination unit with waste bin installed in commercial washroom

Combination unit with waste bin

For those seeking to maximise space efficiency, a combination unit with a waste bin, paper towel dispenser, and hand dryer becomes the perfect space saving solution, as it combines two or three essential functions into a single fixture.

A combination unit with a waste bin not only saves valuable wall space but also presents a tidy and organised washroom environment, providing users with more space to move freely and creating an illusion of a larger washroom.

A row of under counter vanity waste bins

Under counter waste bin

An under counter vanity waste bin provides the advantage of being discreetly tucked away beneath the counter, saving valuable floor space in the washroom. It offers a streamlined and organised waste disposal solution while keeping the area visually uncluttered.

With under counter commercial washroom bins, you have the choice to include bin chutes with mounted bin rings, horizontal bin flaps, or vertical swing flaps to suit your vanity unit design.

Freestanding black finish washroom bin next to a row of sensor taps and wash basin

Freestanding waste bin

Freestanding washroom bins offer versatile placement options, allowing it to be conveniently positioned anywhere in the washroom without the need for wall mounting.

This flexibility makes it easy to adjust its location as needed and provides a portable waste disposal solution.

Sanitary pedal waste bin

Pedal waste bins

Pedal waste bins offer the advantage of hands free operation, promoting better hygiene and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Their convenient foot pedal design not only allows for easy waste disposal without touching the bin but also hides away unsightly rubbish, maintaining a neat and visually appealing washroom environment.

Recessed sanitary washroom bin

Sanitary bins

Having a sanitary disposal bin in toilet cubicles ensures proper and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste, promoting a clean and safe environment for users.

According to UK Regulations and the Health and Safety Executive, every workplace and public building with female employees or the likelihood of female visitors must have sanitary bins or an adequate alternative for sanitary disposal in female toilets.

Additionally, Approved Document M and British Standards BS8300 have specific requirements that apply to providing sanitary waste disposal units in wheelchair accessible washrooms and ambulant cubicles.

Unleash your washroom vision with bespoke waste bins

Some washroom companies that have previously designed bespoke commercial washroom bins may have added them to their standard range. Therefore, it is worth exploring each range to see if they already offer what you have in mind.

Dolphin Solutions has a track record of designing and crafting bespoke commercial washroom bins for projects that need creative and innovative solutions. If you are seeking a truly unique washroom solution, connect with one of our knowledgeable washroom consultants today and explore how we can bring your vision to life.