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Every washroom needs a door – that’s stating the obvious – but as simple and plain a door may be, it has the potential to be smartened up with a variety of commercial door accessories.

Dolphin Solutions manufactures robe hooks and door stops from cast 304 grade stainless steel – the most versatile, durable, and corrosion resistant material on the market. We know that adding a touch of flair to every element of washroom design is essential to designers, and this is why we create robust and beautifully made washroom accessories to suit all commercial washrooms.

Let’s take you through the different styles of robe hooks and door stops, how to add character to these door accessories, and why hooks and stoppers should be installed in your commercial washroom.

To see our full range of coat hooks and door stops click here, or to learn more about washroom design in general visit our learning hub here.

What are the different styles of commercial coat hooks?

Single coat hook in chrome finish

1. Single robe hook

If you desire timeless simplicity, this classic robe hook will fit perfectly in a more traditional washroom design.

Double robe hook in chrome finish

2. Double robe hook

Straight or angled double door hooks are a two-in-one solution accommodating a hanging space for more than one item behind the door, such as coats and bags, towels and various garments.

Roseless door hook in chrome finish

3. Rose and roseless door hooks

Perhaps the fittings in the washroom are rose or roseless, and there is a desire to carry the same style right the way through the design. A choice of rose or roseless robe hooks gives designers the opportunity to match these door accessories with the other mounted fittings and provide consistency in the washroom.

Straight robe hook with indent in chrome finish

4. Straight robe hook with indent

Commercial door accessories are expanding into creative ranges to offer more variety. The straight robe hook with indent gives a contemporary feel and is a popular style for modern day washrooms.

Robe hook and door stop in chrome finish

5. Robe hook and door stop

Why not have the best of both worlds with this multi purposed accessory that acts as both a door hook and door stop with its plastic or rubber end.

What are the different styles of commercial door stoppers?

Floor mounted door stop in chrome finish

1. Floor mounted door stop

With a securely fixed rubber bumper, this door stop is durable and can withstand regular impacts from use. Its low-profile design with unobtrusive flair is ideal for commercial washrooms and can create a blockade where a wall is not present.

Wall mounted door stop in chrome finish

2. Wall mounted door stop

Without infringing on floor space, wall mounted door stops are equipped with a rubber or plastic tip, are easy to fit, and add a decorative element to the washroom.

Can a door stop and hook be coated in a special finish?

Yes! Add personality to your commercial door accessories with special finishes that include the full range of RAL Colours in Polyester Powder Coat. A popular option is keeping to the classic and subtle style of brushed satin or a mirror polished finish.

Different types of commercial door accessories

Why install door accessories?

The most obvious reason to install a door stopper is to prevent damage to the wall and tiling when swung open quickly or forcefully. It also reduces maintenance costs for damaged walls and offers a decorative element to the WC cubicle. Robe hooks should be paired with door stops to prevent damage to the wall unless a multi purpose door hook with a plastic or rubber end acting as a door stop is installed.

A door clothes hook is convenient for users to hang garments, towels, bags etc. It is important to remember that should these FF&E fittings be installed, BS 8300 and Document Part M in the Building Regulations for ambulant and accessible washrooms entail various design recommendations for placement and settings of coat hook door stop combinations.

Are you undecided about which commercial door accessories you should choose? View the Dolphin coat hooks and door stops range to explore the variety trending in commercial washrooms today.

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