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Sanitary bins may be seen as one of the same, but it would be a considerable mistake to think that. Choosing the right commercial sanitary bin comes with much more to consider than merely picking any bin to serve its purpose in the washroom.

The Dolphin waste bin range is beautifully made to suit all commercial washrooms and designed to comply with the regulations in BS 8300-2:2018 – Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment – Part 2: Buildings – Code of practice.

In this blog, we will explore the different types of sanitary bins on the market and provide tips to help you choose a compliant, stylish, and user friendly hygiene waste bin for your washroom.

Types of sanitary waste bins

Recessed sanitary binSurface mounted sanitary binFreestanding sanitary bin
Recessed sanitary binSurface mounted sanitary binFreestanding sanitary bin

Tips to choose the best sanitary disposal bin

1. Compliance with UK law and washroom design standards

Who knew there would be regulations and recommendations for fitting a commercial sanitary bin? The fact is — UK law requires a sanitary bin or an adequate alternative to dispose of sanitary waste in every business or workplace (including public buildings).

For wheelchair accessible washrooms, BS 8300-2 stipulates that sanitary bins should, where practical, be recessed to allow for sufficient manoeuvring space. If it is not feasible to fit a recessed sanitary bin, then a freestanding sanitary bin or surface mounted sanitary bin must be placed in an area that will not obstruct transfer from the wheelchair to the WC pan.

In unisex or gender neutral washrooms, sanitary bins must not be an obstacle nor interfere with the minimum clearance (free space) a user has available to move around.

BS 8300-2 also recommends that accessible baby changing facilities have a sanitary disposal bin, preferably recessed into the wall.

Commercial sanitary bin design style

2. Sanitary bin style and design

Sanitary bins have come a long way to suit the professional environment of commercial washrooms. The standard white plastic sanitary bin has revolutionised into something far more stylish with extra features so that you may customise this washroom accessory to suit your design.

Bin flaps

Sanitary washroom waste bins should be fully enclosed with an integrated flap to prevent unpleasant odours from escaping and hide the displeasing contents of what’s inside out of sight from the user.

Pedal sanitary bins

Washroom waste bins with foot pedals are a significant benefit for users to avoid touching the lid with their hands and keeping them away from any direct contact with bacteria or mess.

With or without locks

A commercial sanitary bin without a lock may have a smoother look, but a waste bin with a lock avoids vandalism or tampering with the contents.

Special finishes and coatings

If a stainless steel or plastic sanitary bin does not suit your design, then perhaps choose a Ceramic or Polyester Powder Coating to spruce it up and match it with the other coated fittings in your washroom.

Integrated storage for disposal bags

A hygiene waste bin with integrated disposal bags not only deters users from flushing foreign objects down the toilet and encourages them to use a bag before binning it, but it controls unpleasant odours and reduces the levels of bacteria in the waste bin.

Lid sensor activation (touch free bins)

You cannot go wrong with touch-free washroom technology. Sensor sanitary bins are an innovative option that brings an element of modernisation to your washroom while at the same time reducing cross-contamination.

Removable plastic hygiene insert or basket

Help the facilities team to make their job easier by choosing a waste bin that contains a plastic hygiene insert or mesh basket. Simply removing the basket or waste bag from the unit is a much more hygienic method of removing the waste rather than cleaning out the entire bin each time it requires emptying.

Choosing a commercial hygiene waste bin

Consider this before choosing a hygiene waste bin

You want to look for a commercial sanitary bin that meets all the criteria in compliance, stylish design, and user experience. There are laws and design recommendations to consider and hefty fines to be paid for non-compliance. This is where selecting a washroom specialist experienced in this field makes business sense to make you aware of the detail before you choose and install just any sanitary bin on the market.

Find out more about the Dolphin sanitary bin range or contact a member of our pod to discuss your sanitary waste bin needs for your commercial washroom.

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