While hand dryers may just be one of the many commercial washroom solutions that people know about, they are definitely one of the most important. There’s a lot of considerations to be taken into account when choosing the right one from among the several types of hand dryers for your business’ washroom or thinking about where to buy hand dryers

We will be creating a more substantial guide for a more comprehensive discussion on these washroom fixtures in a different issue, while we focus on the benefits of having hand-dryers in your commercial restrooms in this article.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Hand Dryers

While the benefits of hand dryers over paper towels continue to remain a big controversy, there’s no doubt commercial buildings, workplaces, public transport stations, and the like should provide a hand-drying option in their washrooms. 

While both options have been recognised to be effective at drying hands and paper towels are considered the better option for washrooms where the mains supply is not readily available, hand-dryers remain the best options for the number of benefits it offers. Here are some of the most significant of these benefits:

Improved Washroom User Experience

Obviously, a user’s experience in your commercial washroom can definitely make or break their customer experience and for your brand and business as well. With the lack, for example, of wash stations or toilet paper or those long queues in your restrooms, may most likely prod customers to complain and tell others of their bad experience, which can be very harmful for your business’ reputation. 

Having commercial hand dryers in your public washrooms will definitely complete your user’s hand-washing experience. Fast and efficient hand-dryers can definitely improve user experience by ensuring that the flow of your washroom traffic is not bottlenecked and your washroom is kept organised and clean.  

Enhanced Cleanliness and Hygiene

Now more than ever, with the global health crisis everyone is faced with, much attention has been given on the importance of hand washing and less importance has been placed on drying one’s hands. William Paterson University’s Professor Miryam Wahrman stresses the importance of hand-drying stating that “drying hands is rife with potential problems, problems of the recontamination of hands.” 

Wahrman explained that when done incorrectly hand drying can actually offset all the work done by simply washing one’s hands, as wet or damp hands can actually lead to germs spreading more and faster.  Germs thrive on moisture and damp hands can spread bacteria fast, further suggesting the imperative need for hand-dryers. 

With hand-dryers in your commercial washroom, you can rest assured that hygiene practices in your workplace are at best and employees are less likely to be requesting time off work because they’re sick. While there are many types of hand dryers in the market, touch-free hand-dryers have grown significantly popular particularly during this pandemic when people have grown more anxious about touching surfaces in washrooms so automatic hand dryers make for the most ideal solution. 

Dolphin Hand Dryer at Harrods Book Store
Dolphin Hand Dryer and Commercial Washroom Accessories at Botolph Building
Dolphin Hand Dryer and Commercial Washroom Accessories at Royal Exchange
Dolphin Hand Dryer and Commercial Washroom Accessories at Kensington and Chelsea College
Dolphin Hand Dryer and Commercial Washroom Accessories at Victoria Station

Reinforced Sustainability and Cost-Effectivity

While most types of hand dryers are expensive, they actually work out cheaper in the long run when you take into consideration the fact that you no longer need to buy replacement paper towels, waste bins, among others.

More importantly, hand dryers are environmentally friendly options for your commercial washrooms, especially when you’re thinking about the benefits of hand dryers over paper towels

A commercial washroom, for example, where 150 hand-drying are performed in a day, that equates to more than £1000 cost on your paper towels alone. Then there’s the paper towel wastage and disposal that also comes at a cost. Low-energy high-speed hand dryers like Dolphin’s Hand Dryer with Hepa Filter will cost your business only around £600 and rid you of worrying about paper towel wastage as well as massive carbon footprint. 

Dolphin’s wide range of hand-dryers come with sustainability features that offer exceptional performance with less energy, which further translates to cost savings and minimal ill effects in the environment.

Minimum Maintenance

When thinking about where to buy hand dryers and the type that will be more efficient for your washroom, nothing can be more low maintenance than automatic hand-dryers. 

Touch-free or manual hand-dryers eliminate the need for paper towels, where ordering, monitoring, and replenishing replacement paper towels entails additional work for your maintenance department. After installation, hand dryers are good to use while maintenance means only servicing only every after a few months.

Learn more about the wide range of hand dryers that Dolphin offers here, all of which are sustainable, low-energy, and high-speed.