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Creating a commercial washroom is an exhilarating experience that ignites the creative juices to flow with the endless design opportunities available, from market-leading products to washroom technology. But you may feel confused when deciding which style to choose because there are so many washroom solutions on the market.

Providing washroom design solutions is Dolphin’s speciality, and we are often asked which washstation solution would best suit our client’s projects.

There are two washroom solutions to compare:

Behind Mirror System (ALAVO) and a traditional washroom layout.

We have put together five questions to help you narrow down the answer to your final decision:

Behind Mirror System washroom solution saves more space

1. Which washroom solution saves more space?

Alavo Mirror System

The ALAVO Behind Mirror System saves more space because all the handwashing essentials are behind the mirror at the washstation. Soap dispensers, automatic hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and taps are neatly tucked away and hidden in the compact behind mirror system without protruding into the main washroom area.

Traditional washstation

Standard individual items fitted into a washroom may take up space because areas in the design need to be allocated to those fittings. For example, individual hand dryers require space on the wall and mounted taps require enough space on the vanity top or splashback. However, a traditional washroom gives you more flexibility with the design.

2. How long does it take to install ALAVO compared to a traditional washstation?

Alavo Mirror System

ALAVO is custom made on a production line, is quick to deliver onsite and much quicker to install because of its all inclusive modular system. Only one small team is needed to install the behind mirror system in a matter of minutes.

Traditional washstation

Individual washroom fittings in a traditional washroom can take several days to install, and if deadlines are missed, this can delay project completion even further.

Behind Mirror System washroom system is easier to service, maintain

3. Which washroom system is easier to service, use, and maintain?

Alavo Mirror System

By simply lifting the mirror, facilities teams gain easy access to service all the different components such as the thermostatic mixing valve, the tap, the solenoid, and replace soap cartridges. Everything is behind the ALAVO washstation mirror, making maintenance procedures effortless and straightforward.

Good user experience is also guaranteed with the convenience of handwashing essentials all in one place.

Traditional washstation

Traditional washrooms can be labour intensive to service and maintain because facilities teams may only have access through service panels. Sometimes access panels may be situated in awkward locations, for example, a bulk soap refill system under the vanity counter.

Individual fittings scattered around the washroom can also cause housekeeping headaches as users walk from the washbasin to the hand dryers or paper towel dispensers, with water dripping off their hands onto the floor in their path. A frequent housekeeping schedule will need to be in place to ensure the washroom is kept in pristine condition and prevent potential slip hazards from water on the floor.

Environmental impact of the ALAVO washstation vs traditional washrooms

4. What is the environmental impact of the ALAVO washstation vs traditional washrooms?

Both washroom solutions can have a low impact on the environment depending on the types of washroom products you choose. For example, sensor taps, touch-free soap dispensers, foam soap cartridge systems, and high-speed, low-energy hand dryers all have water and energy-saving features.

However, the ALAVO behind mirror system was designed to maximise water and energy savings through all its components, including the integrated LED light sensor that controls the lighting functionality.

5. What factors affect the cost of ALAVO and traditional washroom design?

Dolphin’s ALAVO may cost more than individual fittings in a traditional washroom but before you think to scratch ALAVO from your budget, remember this:

  • It is a modular system manufactured on a production line, thus reducing the risk of snagging.
  • Installation is rapid and saves the amount of downtime on site.
  • It gives your client a 10 year warranty creating peace of mind.

If you are still unable to decide between a Behind Mirror System or a traditional washroom design, we will be glad to help you choose the best washroom solution to achieve your vision.

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