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There is a common misconception that the Dolphin Alavo Mirror System is exclusively a premium and luxurious option for a commercial washroom. This misconception often leads contractors to contemplate removing components, such as the Dolphin InForm taps, in an attempt to lower costs and seek cheaper alternatives elsewhere.

However, what is often overlooked is that removing the Dolphin InForm taps could potentially lead to greater financial implications when considering installation, labor, ongoing maintenance expenses, along with an increase in washroom installation time and making it more difficult for regular yet essential maintenance for the lifetime of the plumbing system.

Developed by a dedicated team of Dolphin engineers, the Alavo mirror system was meticulously designed to deliver efficiency and serve as an ideal washroom solution for commercial washrooms. Beyond its primary advantages, the Alavo Mirror System offers numerous additional benefits for contractors, architects, building owners, tenants, and users alike.

Before making the decision to specify Alavo without the compatible Dolphin InForm taps (which includes all pipework, plumbing fittings, TMV3 valves, filters, solenoids, and plug-and-play power connections for the taps), it is crucial to inform our clients upfront about the substantial lifetime disadvantages and hidden increase in cost and installation time that will arise from this exclusion.

By addressing these concerns directly, we ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the implications and can make an informed decision.

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InForm Sensor Tap Maintenance

Whether the Dolphin InForm tap is situated behind the mirror, wall mounted, or counter mounted, the Alavo Behind Mirror System offers easy tap maintenance, providing the facilities team convenient access to the solenoids, TMV3 valves, all pipework and connections, filters, and electrical connections. Alavo is covered by a 10 year warranty, provided an active Planned Preventative Maintenance is in place.

During the Alavo manufacturing process, the working parts, including the sensor tap’s electronics and water feed, are meticulously arranged and purposefully positioned within the modular mirror system. This careful arrangement is fully compliant and WRAS approved, designed to provide a quick and straightforward access solution during maintenance periods.

Compared to alternative conventional taps, which require complicated adjustments underneath or behind the vanity or wall (and may risk damaging the tiling or access panels with regular maintenance), Alavo simplifies the maintenance process by consolidating all necessary components within the modular system. It features an easy to lift mirror on heavy duty adjustable hinges, ensuring easier access and convenience.


SMART Washroom Technology

Imagine having a mirror system that not only takes care of the handwashing essentials but also incorporates an advanced SMART washroom system that impacts water management and sustainability. Integrating the Dolphin InForm taps with Alavo provides a SMART option that seamlessly aligns with the Alavo Premium system, complete with the electrical box for effortless integration.

The Dolphin InForm taps are equipped with smart technology, bringing a whole new level of intelligence and convenience to the washroom facility. Even if the washroom project isn’t quite ready to fully embrace the world of SMART washroom technology, the Dolphin InForm taps are SMART enabled and immediately ready to enhance the overall washroom experience at a later stage when required.

However, due to the SMART modular system of Alavo Premium, only the Dolphin taps can be integrated with smart technology, as alternative traditional taps are not compatible.

Space saving Alavo with InForm sensor tap and combination unit in a commercial washroom


Save space in the washroom

Dolphin has developed a unique design and installation method to supply power to the Dolphin InForm taps by going behind the wall and behind the panel into Alavo, effectively utilising the available space more efficiently.

Unlike traditional behind the mirror setups where taps are installed individually, each requiring separate electrical and water feeds and at times occupying more space in the wall cavity to accommodate all the pipework, the Alavo mirror system streamlines the installation by incorporating the working parts, piping, and electrical feed to supply several taps in one seamless connection behind the mirror.

Alavo is the ultimate space saving solution that eliminates the need to create a void behind the wall to accommodate the multiple components for individual taps or below the vanity, where access can be very difficult depending on the design.


InForm Sensor Tap Installation

The convenience and time saving benefits of the Dolphin InForm taps during installation greatly simplify the process for contractors and reduce labour costs. This is achieved because all the plumbing features are already integrated into the Alavo system, which eliminates the burden of complex and time consuming plumbing and electrical work.

As the majority of the plumbing and electrical work is already expertly installed and tested on the production line, requiring only a single connection to the water supply and power box, contractors are left with the straightforward task of organising a plumber to connect a single hot/cold water feed and an electrician to connect the mains after the installation is complete.

Choosing the Dolphin InForm taps significantly reduces plumbing and electrical expenses because Dolphin handles the configuration and a substantial portion of the installation work. This leads to significant cost savings for contractors, as they no longer need to bear the additional expenses associated with separate water and power supplies for each tap and the lengthy labour costs involved.

A typical installation time for the Alavo Modular System, including all plumbing and taps, is approximately 30 minutes per tap, including commissioning time.

Special finished InForm sensor taps in gold colour


InForm Sensor Tap Special Finishes

One of the key benefits of choosing Dolphin InForm taps (counter mounted or wall mounted sensor taps) is the assurance of matching finishes throughout the washroom. By selecting the same tap design and special finish for all fixtures, you can effortlessly achieve a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic, creating a sense of unity and sophistication.

This approach eliminates the risk of mismatched styles or finishes that could otherwise detract from the overall design scheme. With Dolphin InForm taps you can confidently create a seamless and visually appealing washroom environment that exudes both style and functionality.

Dolphin offers a selection of sensor taps that parallel the available alternatives in the market, ensuring that you have a wide range of tap styles and designs to choose from when selecting Dolphin InForm taps for the washstation.


InForm Sensor Tap Range

One of the common misconceptions about Alavo is that it is exclusively designed for behind mirror tap installations. While the behind mirror tap option is a popular choice, the Dolphin InForm tap range offers versatility for all washroom designs.

Wall mounted and counter mounted Dolphin InForm taps can be seamlessly integrated into the system with the Strataplate, offering additional options and flexibility to accommodate different washroom design preferences.


Aftersales Support

Because the entire Alavo solution, including the taps, comes from Dolphin Solutions, it ensures consistent support, a single point of contact, and matching warranties throughout the washroom.

During the installation process, contractors benefit from the convenience of working with one supplier who can promptly address any challenges that may arise. This streamlined communication and support ensure a smoother and more efficient installation experience. After the project handover, facilities management personnel can continue to enjoy the convenience of coordinating with one supplier for any necessary maintenance or support needs.

This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and simplifies the management of the behind mirror system, saving time, money and effort.

InForm sensor tap combined with an automatic soap dispenser and Alavo behind mirror system


InForm Sensor Tap Cost Savings

When Alavo is specified with the Dolphin InForm taps, the taps are already included in the system and installed, so the contractor does not have to worry about the additional installation cost that is typically incurred when specifying alternative behind the mirror systems and taps.

The problem arises when contractors choose alternative traditional taps and have to purchase solenoids and TMV valves separately for a standard behind the mirror system. This incurs additional costs for individual plumbing and separate power supplies for each tap, along with expenses for plumber and electrician services.

In most cases, standard behind the mirror systems are supplied without the taps, requiring contractors to spend additional money on purchasing quality taps separately. This results in the need to assemble everything on site, consuming valuable time and incurring labour costs to put together the different parts of the system.

Can you retrofit Dolphin sensor taps with Alavo Premium?

It is possible to retrofit Dolphin InForm taps with the Alavo system at a later stage. However, it is important to consider that this process is neither straightforward nor cost-effective.

Additionally, if you wish to replace a standard behind the mirror system and its taps with the Alavo system and Dolphin InForm taps, the removal of plumbing can have a significant impact on the washroom refurbishment costs prior to the installation of Alavo.

Alavo mirror system installed with a row of Dolphin InForm sensor taps

Revolutionise the washroom experience with Dolphin Taps

When it comes to enhancing the washroom experience, choosing the right behind mirror system and washroom products can make all the difference.

The integrated Dolphin InForm taps offer a multitude of advantages that go beyond just convenience and functionality. With easy access to solenoids, TMVs, and electrical connections behind the mirror, the Alavo system simplifies maintenance and reduces potential damage to surrounding infrastructure. The SMART technology capabilities in the Dolphin InForm taps bring intelligence and convenience to the facility, ensuring a future ready washroom experience. Plus, the efficient use of available space behind the wall eliminates the need for multiple components and separate plumbing and electrical supplies for each tap, making the installation process easier and more cost-effective.

Choosing the Alavo system with integrated Dolphin InForm taps offers a superior washroom experience, not only for the contractors, but also for the washroom design aesthetics, maintenance regimes, budget, and the ongoing expenses for the tenants. Therefore, specifying Alavo with the compatible Dolphin InForm taps really benefits you and your budget both in the short and long term, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective washroom experience.

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