Originally known as “The Little Theatre in the Hay,” the Theatre Royal Haymarket situated in the heart of the West End is one of London’s most treasured theatres. This beautiful heritage landmark is a Grade1 listed building and was designed and constructed by John Potter in 1720. 


Recognised as the third-oldest London theatre house that’s still in use, the Theatre Royal is of great importance in theatre history and is most famous for being the first theatre to defy the monopoly of the patent houses. Rebuilt in 1821 on the present site by John Nash, closing its view from St James’s Square, the Haymarket Theatre seats 893 patrons and strives to produce memorable theatrical experiences for audiences from around the world to this day.


Dolphin worked with KR Hannaford on the Theatre Royal Project, where the primary refurbishment project of the goal was the installation of its state-of-the-art washroom essentials and accessories made bespoke for the theatre’s commercial washroom needs. 


The client emphasised their need not only for sustainable solutions on the new washrooms but to ensure that the refurbishment maintained and stayed parallel with the classic elegance that the building’s architecture exuded. To answer the client’s needs, Dolphin suggested the implementation of various washroom fixtures and fixtures bespoke for the unique project.


For the newly refurbished washrooms of the heritage landmark, Dolphin aimed at creating a feel of individual wash points for the commercial washroom users whilst ensuring the full benefits of maintaining maximum sustainability efforts across the washroom essentials installed.


For the Theatre Royal Project, Dolphin’s BC2008 Hand Dryer and customised BC363 Soap Bottle Holder in matte black finish took center stage. The brand’s high-speed, low-energy hand dryer remains one of the most popular in their extensive hand dryer product range not only because it ideally matches and blends with whatever commercial washroom design style you have—from classic to contemporary or flashy to minimalist—but also because of the sustainable features it comes packed with.


The soap bottle holder implemented in the Theatre Royal washroom refurbishment project was made bespoke to client specifications not only to ensure that they well coordinated with the classic elegance of the washroom layout but likewise kept them locked and secured in place, eliminating any incidents of those being stolen by unruly washroom users. 


Some of the Doc M fittings at the Theatre Royal project are likewise implements from the Dolphin product range. And as with the other products in the brand’s extensive selection of washroom essentials, the above-mentioned are a result of a robust collaboration among Dolphin’s team of architects, designers, and specifiers. 


From touchless to manual taps, touch-free soap and regular sanitiser dispensers, and low-energy high-speed hand dryers, Doc M fittings and fixtures—the complete array of Dolphin products offer superior hygiene and classic elegance for your commercial washroom, providing your washroom users everything they need for that complete and thorough hand-washing experience.  


It cannot be overstated that no Dolphin washroom solution is without sustainability features. Whilst retaining their full functionalities and usabilities, the washroom essentials and accessories deployed at the Theatre Royal Project were packed with sustainability features that ensured water, soap, and energy efficiency when used. They were likewise thoughtfully designed to eliminate any hazards for slipping and tripping as well as any risks of cross-contamination whilst streamlined for easy replenishment and maintenance

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