The Cathedral is one of the most breathtaking, famous sites in London. Designed in the English Baroque style by Sir Christopher Wren, this Cathedral dates back to the 17th Century. Completed in Wren’s lifetime, a major rebuild programme after the great fire of London, this Grade I listed building sits at the highest point in the city of London on Ludgate Hill.

At 365 feet, it was the tallest building from 1710 to 1967. However, more dynamic, daring and modernist architecture has seen buildings in recent years eclipse this incredible monument in height.

We worked with architects Caroe Architecture who specified Alavo for use in Superloos as well as double and four-user Alavo washstations.


For their accessible washrooms Caroe chose our Ease range of Doc M compliant products purpose-made for accessible washrooms. The BC5083-07 padded backrest and the BC5083-02 600mm long grab rails are strong and robust, and the high-quality, stainless steel finish is easy to clean. Our backrest is made with concealed fixings, with a hard-wearing and an easy-to-clean vinyl cushion for optimum comfort for the user. The BC5083-06 hinged support rail has a smooth hinge action for comfort and safety and a maximum test load of 203kg and a maximum safe load of 135kg. These rails are all provided at the correct dimensions as specified by Doc M. If the configuration of your washroom requires this to be amended, other lengths and variations are available on request. The BC4302 bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser from our Elements range is one of our recommended products for accessible toilets as it can be easily used by a person with limited dexterity.

All the accessible washroom products were finished in the same stainless steel. This contrasted with the background colour of the washroom, meeting the LRV requirements of Doc M and making the washroom easy to use for the visually-impaired without feeling clinical or institutionalised.


For the parent and child washrooms we supplied the BC100BQS child safety seat. With a moulded polyethylene construction capable of supporting a static load of 22.7kg, this keeps the child safely off the washroom floor whilst the parent uses the washroom. We also supplied the BC100BM-2 countertop nappy changing unit, a one-piece construction and a hygienic finish for easy maintenance, the BC100EH horizontal nappy changing unit and the BC100EV Vertical nappy changing unit. They are all easy to clean with high-density polyethylene which inhibits bacterial growth.

Convenient, hygienic sanitary disposal is critical for baby change areas. Our Elements BC150 stainless steel 50 litre bin with a spring loaded push-in flap keeps the bin hygienically sealed while the removable lid makes for easy emptying.


Caroe chose our BC403 coat hook for the back of the washroom doors. This hook has a rubber tip which prevents damage to the cubicle when doors are flung open. They also specified our BC750 stainless steel shelf, so that washroom users have extra room to place their possessions when using the facilities.

Outside the cubicle, users had a choice of either paper towels or hand dryers. We supplied the BC918 mini paper towel dispenser in stainless steel to add to the high quality feel of the washrooms. Lockable and vandal resistant, this product is ideal when wanting something durable for heavy footfall areas. For the dryer we provided the BC2001 Dolphin high-speed hand dryer. Operating at only 225 watts with the heater off and a low speed for maximum economy, with a width less than 250mm, this dryer is ideal for restricted spaces.

When they approached us to discuss bin options for the general washrooms, the DP5603 was the best choice. This under-counter waste bin is a superior quality product with easy-care chrome nickel stainless steel, an 18 litre capacity, a satin finish, welded corners and no sharp edges. They also chose our DP1107 foam soap dispenser in stainless steel. With the same welded corners and no sharp edges, this matched beautifully with the DP5603. Both of these products are from our Prestige range and can be adapted to suit a multitude of bespoke applications and can also be powdered coated in any RAL colour.

Create your bespoke design using the interactive form and the software will build, output and send drawings directly to you.


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