St Lawrence House, located at the heart of Soho, is a 92,300 sq. ft. new-build office and retail scheme in London.

As a high-footfall location used by the public and residential office workers, Dolphin Solutions worked with Emrys Architects to deliver a stylish and upmarket washroom design to withstand high footfall, that would also be easy to clean and replenish.

The Dolphin Alavo was a perfect match for the location’s innovative design, given its ability to effortlessly blend style and usability.

The Alavo has been expertly engineered to save space, whilst improving the user experience through cutting-edge hand wash technology. Not only does the behind-mirror solution keep the washroom looking sleek, it is also a pleasure to use and easy for cleaning staff to maintain.

Dolphin’s Alavo Superloo or Single Unit, and Dolphin’s DB1425S Blue panel mounted infrared taps in brushed chrome plated brass, enabled a streamlined look with a quality feel thanks to their smart finish.

Whilst the infrared taps and soap dispensers were able to provide a luxurious look they also offer cost savings and an enhanced user experience thanks to the foam soap and touch free qualities.

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