Providing more than 500,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art flexible office space, the St Botolph Building sits elegantly in London’s prestigious EC3 insurance district. The building represents architectural and operational excellence and is the first major office building in the UK that incorporated TWIN® lift technology. The building is managed by CBRE which is the global leader in commercial real estate services and investment.

The St Botolph Building exemplifies significant architectural merit for its grand reception, lavish stepped atrium, and impressive glass cladding, providing a welcoming atmosphere that leaves occupants in awe of the flawless design.

The project was geared to enhance their commercial washroom facilities by upgrading from manual to sensor washroom solutions. Dolphin worked closely with CBRE to ensure only the best washroom technology fixtures were integrated into the design.

Upgrading, Functionality, and Sustainability

Upgrading to touch free washroom facilities

The first step was to determine which touch free taps from the Dolphin range would replace the manual taps. The outright winner was the DB225-SSL Electronic Infrared Tap which symbolised the essence of the building design. Expanding on the upgrade, Dolphin implemented the DS800 Soap Cartridge Multifeed System which was aimed to significantly improve the overall well-being of the users.

Upgrading these two fixtures to touch free greatly reduced unsanitary conditions and provided a safer hygienic environment which was the main priority of the project. Ultimately, the St Botolph Building boosted its reputation by focusing on implementing contamination control measures.

Optimised Functionality

As with Dolphin’s entire range of sensor taps, the DB225-SSL is renowned for its top-grade precision and engineering capabilities. The range includes excellent hygiene flush features that significantly reduce the risk of legionella spreading in the water and odours emerging from dry waste traps.

Sensor taps are proven to save water and with that, the Dolphin range includes a low flow rate that prevents splashing during use, and a security timer feature preventing basin overflow.

Installing a closed soap system drastically reduces the buildup of bacteria compared to refillable soap containers. The combination of the BC633F soap dispenser and DS800 soap dispensing system prevents contamination from outside elements and provides an effortless experience to use.

Enhanced Sustainability

The upgrade from manual to touch free was not limited to improving the usability and functionality of the washroom essentials, but the project also included significant improvement in environmental sustainability.

Sensor taps save up to 70% of water and energy, foam soap cartridges save 15%-20% water (therefore energy), and combined with installing Dolphin’s high-speed low-energy hand dryers, this contributes to the building by reducing its carbon footprint.

The comprehensive upgrade and improving sustainability made the St Botolph Building project an overall success. All critical objectives were met without compromising our client’s vision to achieve the ultimate commercial washroom experience.

Learn more about Dolphin’s top-of-the-range touch free taps and multifeed cartridge soap dispensing systems here.

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Scott Osborn


CBRE was appointed as a Design and Project Architect for the refurbishment of Washroom Facilities in St Botolph, a landmark building in the City of London. The building is known for its architectural excellence with a unique louvred solution for the reception and large atrium among others. The brief called for a partial refurbishment of 104 office floor toilets and a complete redesign of 2 public toilets on the ground floor. Design and specification aim was to reflect the overall building aesthetics. Decision to use Dolphin products follows the same line: from a previous experience we knew the products to be well designed and technically excellent. One of the upgrades was to replace existing manual fixtures with motion sensor option for both taps and soap dispensers. The challenge was to find the products that fit the existing locations of the fixtures as they were deck mounted and as the client decided to retain the existing vanity tops.

Dolphin team led by Brian Ford engaged fully with us examining distances, angles and other specifics of the taps and soap dispensers until the optimum solution was found that also encompassed the design. We had a few hand dryer types tested for noise and assistance in finding a contemporary solution for an Accessible toilet. All was done with great enthusiasm and responsiveness at all times including the follow-up process. For their knowledge, quality of the product, level of engagement and a manner of communication Dolphin would be our choice for any future projects.

CBRE Design Services Team