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Located in Canary Wharf, London, the One Canada Square building is an iconic landmark of London’s skyline and is among the tallest buildings in the United Kingdom, primarily used for office space with some retail units situated on its lower ground floor.

The building features a distinctive pyramid shaped roof that illuminates at night, and its façade is made up of stainless steel and glass panels which enhances the building’s interior. One Canada Square has a modern and spacious ambience. It was designed to maximize natural light, with large open floors that can accommodate a variety of office layouts.

The newly refurbished washroom space perfectly suits the already impressive size and contemporary look of the current interior and caters to the evolving work culture of modern day occupants.


Washroom project brief

The project brief designed by Nicholas Hare Architects was to achieve something unique along the lines of a premium hospitality look and feel while still achieving operational efficiency within a commercial washroom environment.

Our client specifically requested the Alavo Mirror System, which they had specified on previous floors where Dolphin Solutions had worked on numerous other washroom projects.

Some of the washrooms in the building currently have mirror cupboards similar to the Alavo mirror system. However, after testing the functionality between Alavo and the other mirror cupboard products, the client decided that Alavo was the best option in terms of functionality and long term cost savings.

The final part of the brief was to provide sleek and elegant washroom accessories for the ambulant toilet cubicle that match the style and flair of the washroom design.


Washroom project challenge

One common challenge architects face in commercial washroom design is considering the users who wash their hands and leave water dripping onto the floor when moving to the hand dryer to dry their hands.

Not only can water on the floor cause a safety hazard, but it can also be unsightly and create an unpleasant experience for others using the washroom. This was a concern for the One Canada Square washroom project.

Another challenge was saving space. Our client needed an optimised layout with space efficient elements that avoided any obstructions.


The Dolphin solution

Alavo Premium is the ultimate washroom solution that addresses concerns regarding water dripping on the floor and provides a better user experience by keeping all handwashing appliances and water elements in one place at the washstation. The Dolphin DS800 foam soap cartridge multifeed system and high speed, low energy hand dryers are also conveniently located behind the mirror, minimising the need for users to travel around the washroom.

As Alavo was specified for other washroom projects in the building, it was indeed a favourite and top of mind solution for this washroom project.

The Dolphin DS114 wall mounted downturn tap, with its Strataplate system and brushed stainless steel finish, was perfectly suited to match the earthy tones of the washroom. It is a touch free tap that reduces the risk of contamination at the washstation, has an anti-flooding and hygiene flush feature, and is SMART ready for the Building Management System.

The vanity troughs have separate basins, bringing a unique washstation experience in line with a hospitality look and feel. These wash troughs are a customised version of Dolphin’s Alavo Unico vanity design because our client requested a narrower and slimmer vanity. The individual basin design also features rounded inside corners that reduce soap residue build-up and make cleaning easier.

The bin chutes on both sides of the vanity top, along with a large waste bin capacity underneath, create a harmonious and stylish washstation experience, while also facilitating easy and efficient servicing and maintenance.

Finally, the ambulant toilet cubicle was fitted with Dolphin’s BC270-1 toilet roll holder, grab rail set, BC9387 toilet brush set, and BC403 coat hook and door stop.


A hygienic and sustainable washroom

Aside from providing premium washroom products, the washroom project was also designed with sustainability in mind. The Alavo mirror system was chosen for its water and energy saving features, including high speed, low energy hand dryers, sensor taps with timeout features, and LED lighting with a sensor that switches off when not in use.

Additionally, the system meets the WELL Standard by incorporating optimal sanitation features that promote users’ health and wellbeing.


The washroom project result

The objective of creating a commercial washroom with a premium, hospitality inspired design while ensuring operational efficiency was successfully accomplished in the One Canada Square washroom project.

This success was largely attributed to the implementation of the Alavo Premium washroom solution, which addressed concerns regarding aesthetics, decluttering, and saving space while improving the user experience by keeping all handwashing appliances and water elements in one area.

Incorporating sustainable washroom fittings and meeting the WELL Standard by integrating optimal sanitation features that promote user health and wellbeing was also a significant factor that contributed to the achievement of the One Canada Square washroom project. The Dolphin pod is eager to see what designs Nicholas Hare has up their sleeve next!

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