Hobart International Airport was opened in 1956 and over the years became the major passenger airport in Tasmania. It currently occupies 1,400 acres of land with the airport maintaining a conjoined international and domestic terminal.

The surrounding region of the airport is largely un-populated, therefore the airport can operate curfew-free services.

In-between 2010 and 2011, the airport played host to over 1,903,000 passengers, making Hobart Airport, the ninth busiest airport in Australia. With their recent renovations, their washrooms needed to be innovative but functional. With such high footfall at any point throughout the day or night, their washrooms needed to be able to cope with the volume.

They came to Dolphin for a proven system and quality customer service, of which we did not fail to deliver on either. For a proven system we worked with Grimshaw Architects on a bespoke Alavo and Trough design. We then worked with Hansen Yuncken Contractors to ensure the vision for design became reality.

The whole washroom once completed created a slick, hygienic and sophisticated atmosphere for each lucky user to experience. For many customers who have been travelling, this would be a welcome pit stop after a long journey. The modern simplicity of the design meant the activity space was not crowded but spacious, helping to keep queues down for those waiting to wash and dry hands. By implementing the seamless, white Corian wash trough to accompany the Alavo wash wall system, the soap, tap and drying facilities are all in one place, helping maintenance teams keep on top of cleanliness and restocking of soap and paper towels, throughout the day and night.

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