A luxury washroom for a high footfall location.

Centre: MK is a regional shopping centre located in Milton Keynes, which is currently undergoing a £60 million redevelopment. The project, titled ‘Re-imaging an Icon’, aims to update the centre for the 21st century, delivering enhanced digital facilities, an additional car park and further renovations. It will make the complex the 14th largest shopping centre in the UK, with over 250 stores and services.

The building required a high quality; luxury washroom that would withstand the high traffic environment, whilst complementing the design of the grade II listed building. Working with Rawls & Co Architects and Princebuild Ltd, Dolphin advised on the most fitting washroom solution for the diverse destination.

Dolphin Alavo

The Dolphin Alavo Five Washstation was chosen as the masterpiece of this washroom due to its numerous benefits and stylish nature. Expertly designed to save space and improve sustainability, the hand wash system is easy for cleaning operatives to maintain and replenish, which makes it great for high footfall locations.  

Dolphin’s Infrared Taps (DB1400C/DB200SSL) were an ideal solution as they provide potential water savings of up to 65%. The Infrared Foaming Soap Dispensers (BC950F/BC633C), Hand Dryers (BC2005) and Touch Free Paper.

Towel Dispensers (DP3107) were also installed due to their ability to effortlessly blend style and usability.

High quality finish

Dolphin’s Surface Mounted Bin Flap (DP5201), Lockable Waste Bin (DP5401) and Prestige Towel Dispenser and Waste Bin Combination (DP4106) added to the sleek and luxurious look of the washroom, while encouraging waste disposal for its visitors.

Mini Jumbo Dispensers (BC925) and Double Lockable Toilet Paper Dispensers (BC267B) in stainless steel enabled a streamlined look with a quality feel thanks to their smart finish.

Modern Design

Professional hairdryers (BC109-ST5) were mounted to the walls in the washrooms to enhance user experience and added a luxury feel. The Stainless Steel Coat Hooks (BC403) and shelves (BC750) were installed to maintain hygiene levels by preventing users putting personal belongings on the floor.

To aid those with babies and small children, Dolphin installed a countertop nappy changing unit (BC100BM-2) into washrooms. The unit is solid and safe, whilst the one-piece construction ensures a hygienic surface, liner rolls (BC101PR) were also provided.

A foot wash system was also installed at the high footfall shopping centre to ensure cleanliness throughout. Dolphin’s Piezo Touch Foot Wash (DB1800) system overcomes usual foot wash issues and provides an accurate release of water, which is controlled electronically. The system is also vandal resistant and water saving.

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