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The Central House building in Whitechapel is a well-known landmark in London that housed the former Cass School of Architecture, Art and Design. The plans for this refurbishment by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris would update the 1960s building to increase floor space allowing for more retail and office premises combined with the architectural approach to design a well-considered environment and careful consideration paid to every detail.

The overall design was thought to be inspired by Turner Prize-winning artist Rachel Whiteread a leading contemporary artist in Britain, and taking a look at the overall successful completion of the project Central House now exhibits a 21st Century modern structure in London’s East End.


The washroom project brief

Following the contemporary style of the building, the focus of the Central House Washroom Project was to exude radiance using abstract colouring on the washroom fittings not ordinarily found in conventional commercial washroom designs.

The original brief specified a specific orange colour, namely RAL 2000, and other pops of colour throughout all the washrooms in the building, including the superloos, end of trip facilities, accessible washrooms, and shower rooms. The Central House washroom project certainly has a unique design which deserved the ultimate attention to detail to ensure the colouring on the taps, soap dispenser holders, paper towel dispensers, waste bins etc., was completely flawless.


The washroom project challenge

Working on the Central House washroom project was straightforward and trouble-free, but the only drawback experienced was matching the colour of the shower heads to the rest of the washroom fittings. Due to the chosen special coating for the shower heads, it was challenging to match them with all the colours. However, as special finishes advance to coating more and more washroom products with difficult surfaces, plating all washroom products in all RAL colours will soon become a possibility.


The Dolphin solution

Shower head colour

Choosing a high contrast colour was the best option to suit the washroom design. Coating the shower heads in a black finish complemented the vibrant shower room fittings and created a unique majestic fusion of aesthetic appeal and contemporary style.

Washroom product colours

To ensure the Dolphin pod met the first part of the brief, the team put together a sample board with a waste bin, paper towel dispenser, toilet roll holder, robe hook, toilet brush, wall mounted tap, and waste drain all finished in RAL 2000.

After successfully presenting and receiving the go-ahead on the RAL 2000 sample board during Dolphins’ infamous Krispy Kreme event held at our client’s premises, our team was commissioned to produce six more abstract colours of the client’s choice in our mounted tap range. All seven colours met our client’s vision and were selected for the project.

Budget friendly solutions

Cost played a significant role in the Central House washroom project, so rather than opting for sensor taps, we offered a classic alternative with Dolphin’s DB1675 mixer tap and the DB1650 Monobloc mixer tap.


A hygienic and sustainable washroom

Central House is targeting Well Gold and a BREEAM Excellent rating, and it was only fitting that our client selected the Dolphin manual taps that can produce the correct flow rate to meet BREEAM Standards.


The washroom project result

With over 100 taps and other washroom products coated in the precise colours supplied by Dolphin Solutions for the Central House washroom project, the result was a bold, popping, and contemporary style that matched the design intent of the rest of the building.

These brightly coloured washroom fittings were a bold move, which may take some people by surprise as they stray from the ‘norm’ of commercial washroom design. The details certainly brought the overall design to life that matched the style, flavour, and beautiful scenery of East End London. We can confidently say the Central House washroom project was one of the most intriguing, charming, and unique projects the team has ever worked on.

The pictures speak for themselves, and we are proud to have worked on the Central House washroom project with a different take on commercial washroom design whilst meeting our client’s budget and design style. We are so looking forward to seeing what Allford Hall Monaghan Morris will design next.

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