The client was a banking company dating back to 1856 with a global reach of 50 companies. Serving as a leading wealth manager and specialist in investment banking, it was paramount that the washrooms in this magnificent building dazzled both staff and customers alike. Such prominence in profile needed to be reflected in all elements of the building.

The Dolphin team liaised with TP Bennet Architects and Stortford Interiors Contractors to ensure that this extensive re-modelling of the interior spaces including washrooms was carried out seamlessly.

To date, up to 40 washrooms have been refurbished in this phased roll-out with a crisp, clean and bright washroom design. Despite not being a public building, its employee capacity is in the hundreds with expectations of greeting and hosting for high-end customers. They wanted a washroom that could withstand high volumes of traffic but look beautiful each time it was used.

With 40 washrooms there was no limit to how creative each one could be. Different Alavo wash stations were specified as per washroom requirement such as staff washrooms, customer washrooms and accessible washrooms. Some ‘superloo’ cubicles were installed, as were open space washrooms with shared activity areas (activity area – the space used outside of cubicles such as wash basins, hand-drying etc.)

The fully integrated Alavo Premium system was used which ensures a high quality, user experience with infrared sensor technology for the complete hand washing process, including feature LED lighting throughout. The lighting was set to a blue colour which complemented the modern design of the washroom. The trough underneath makes for excellent maintaining for facilities teams which tied in perfectly with the easy-to-clean but keep beautiful at-all-times requirement.

Various accessories were selected for the cubicles including our Dolphin BC9831SS Dolphin toilet brush set, a timeless design for prestigious, high class environments. Our BC270-2 double toilet roll holder was also included, a contemporary design with two concealed fixings. A great product for re-stocking as it holds two rolls rather than one.

The hand wash appliances were infrared sensor operated, a hygienic product as the use of sensor means users don’t need to touch the appliances in order to operate them, minimising the risk of spreading germs in the washroom.

The lack of touch also means the tap is not covered in finger marks which helps enable beautiful presentation for all users, keeping the tap looking their best at all times. The hand wash products chosen were our DBL200 counter mounted electronic infrared tap and BC950F infrared automatic hands free foaming soap dispenser.

Other accessories used in other washrooms throughout the building was our DP2114 bulk pack toilet tissue dispenser, BC729 glass shelf and BC613B stainless steel soap dispenser.

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