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Situated in the City of London and a stone’s throw away from the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral, 25 Cannon Street is a diverse development containing five floors of high-specification commercial and retail space and is fully operational on renewable power.

Recently upgraded to prioritise tenant wellbeing, sustainability, and sophistication, Dolphin Solutions had the honour to deliver the key objectives of the 25 Cannon Street washroom project to achieve our client’s vision for a sustainable washroom. In a bid to secure a BREEAM Excellent accreditation, the Dolphin pod had to pull out all the stops to help our clients on their journey to reach this prestigious level of certification.


Washroom project brief

Incorporating sustainable products was at the top of the list, but the unique washstation design needed some creative thinking to get around a bespoke fixed mirror with all the hand wash fittings placed behind it. The hospitality look and feel of the washroom meant there was a great focus on hygiene, attention to detail, and high-quality products with water and energy-saving features.


Washroom project challenge

The design posed a head-scratching moment to place the paper towel dispenser and soap dispenser behind the fixed mirror without causing future maintenance headaches to access the fittings.

The second challenge was the placement of the DS800 Dolphin foam soap cartridge multifeed system specified by our client. Because of the fixed mirror, there would be no access to that space behind it where the system would ordinarily be situated. Soap cartridges need replenishing, and there had to be an allocated space where facility staff could access the system.


The Dolphin solution

Opting for the 09.3116 Dolphin behind mirror paper towel dispenser fitted this arrangement perfectly because it is a bottom loading dispenser with built-in flaps to make it easy to push the paper towels through from underneath. The two flaps act as a gateway which allows the paper towels to be pushed up, and once settled into the dispenser, the weight of the paper towels pushes the flaps closed.

With limited space to work with, the Dolphin pod put together a plan to install a customised drop-down soap dispenser behind the mirror and place the soap feed behind the wall, past the splashback, and down into the vanity unit to the multifeed soap cartridge system. The supply of soap would come from underneath the vanity unit and feed the soap up into the dispensers.

Dolphin’s multifeed soap cartridge system is a standard design, but for this project, we had to create something bespoke and unique for it to fit inside the narrow cabinetry. With a simple tweak here and there, the cartridge system was installed in the small compartment within the vanity unit without compromising its functionality.

To solve the soap dispenser servicing challenge, we provided a special removable plate to fix underneath the dispenser to not only secure it, but to enable the facilities team to remove the plate, reach the dispenser, pull it down, and perform maintenance from underneath the mirror.


A hygienic and sustainable washroom

With high expectations to meet the sustainable standards in line with the refurbishment objectives, the elegant Dolphin infrared sensor tap DB1400 / DB1425 with 316 marine grade stainless steel finished the overall look with its water and energy-saving functionality.

The standard flow rate for this touch free tap is 3.5 litres and can be reduced to 1.75 litres to maximise BREEAM, NABERS UK and LEED building certifications. Also included were a hygiene flush feature and a security timer.

The Dolphin foam soap cartridges are the most sustainable soap refill products on the market because of their recyclable material and efficient soap dispensing functionality. One sealed cartridge can supply up to eight soap dispensers and provides 10 000 shots of soap.

Soap cartridges have significant advantages with no risk of bacteria infiltrating the system and contaminating the soap that causes congealing in the pipework or reservoirs because they are completely sealed and are not refillable.


Washroom project result

Incorporating the low flow rate sensor taps will save up to 70% of water, thus improving the sustainability of the building and counting toward achieving the BREEAM Excellent certification our client desires. The touch free taps also play a huge role in energy savings, anything between 10% to 15%, which is a big plus in the eyes of a NABERS UK rating assessor.

Should the building undergo a WELL assessment in future, the multifeed soap cartridge system combined with the touch free soap dispensers meets the WELL standards and count toward improving the wellbeing of the occupants.

The uncluttered hospitality design of the 25 Cannon Street washroom project refurbishment came to life with its bespoke washstation features and distinctive characteristics. Each fitting was strategically placed to meet the design spec without negotiating the washroom vision. Looking at the project as a whole and customising each aspect of the specification made this project a resounding success.

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