Occupying a prominent location at the junction of Balderton Street and Oxford Street in Mayfair, 20 Balderton Street offers high-quality commercial space for its tenants. This is all courtesy of the spacious, modern contemporary-style offices and suites and the natural light received because of its strategic location, ideal to impress and empower occupants and clients alike. 

With its iconic location, 20 Balderton Street has excellent transport connections as the Bond Street Underground station is only a two-minute walk. The famous landmark likewise benefits from the prominent establishments surrounding it, including internationally renowned restaurants, hotels, and retailers on the doorstep.

Twenty Balderton Street went through a comprehensive redevelopment recently to provide an even more impressive arrival experience with a newly remodeled reception area with unlimited coffee offering as well as an impeccable working environment for all its tenants and their respective clientele bases. And part of the project was a refurbishment of their washroom areas that was awarded to Dolphin. 


Dolphin worked with Trehearne Architects and Collins Construction Plc and Pace Interiors Ltd. as architect and contractor respectively for the 20 Balderton Street Project


The 20 Balderton Street Project was primarily aligned with the comprehensive refurbishment of the building and ultimately delivered a contemporary specification of the highest quality in order to ensure its topnotch position in the market. Part of the project’s specification was to ensure inclusivity and sustainability across the washroom solutions to be implemented on top of the superior functionality that Dolphin Solutions readily offers, 


As with the other projects that Dolphin did with popular landmark buildings and historic and heritage establishments, the Alavo washwall system takes center stage in the 20 Balderton Street Project.


To ensure excellent hygiene and well-being for its users, the Alavo behind-mirror system showcases Dolphin’s infrared taps, foam soap systems, high-speed hand dryers, and sensor towel dispensers that automatically turn on and provide washroom essentials (water, soap, hot air, and hand towel) when hand motion is detected below them. 


This flagship technology from Dolphin provides premium-quality performance that ensures optimum hygiene for your users’ health and well-being. While designed with the finest of materials, style, and elegance, Dolphin’s Alavo wash stations never compromise on durability, usability, and sustainability.


The Roseless Combined Doc M Set that Dolphin likewise implemented on the 20 Balderton Street Project showcased an excellent selection of washroom essentials and accessories. From taps to soap dispensers, surface-mounted trash bins to toilet tissue holders, backrests, grab bars, shower curtains and so much more, the Dolphin Doc M Sets at Balderton are designed to our usual exacting standards ensuring safe and wheelchair accessible commercial washrooms and shower areas for elderly and  pregnant users as well as those with disabilities on top of being convenient and a pleasure to use. 


Dolphin’s 20 Balderton Street refurbishment project matched client’s specifications in terms of quality and performance, usability and functionality while altogether ensuring lifetime sustainability and the elegant fusion with the building’s timeless mix of sophisticated, minimalist, and boutique style and design.  


To know more about the premium selection of Dolphin washroom essentials and accessories plus available options for Doc M sets, check out their expansive product line here. For more information on how to customise your Alavo wash station for your commercial washroom, try the Alavo Configurator at the Dolphin website.

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