Forming part of the prestigious Broadgate Estate, 155 Bishopsgate is strategically situated in the high-profile district of Bishopsgate, taking advantage of the the vibrant and dynamic amenities and facilities around Spitalfields and Broadgate. Passing through the rear walkway from the main reception, one gets direct access to the Liverpool Street Station, both mainline and underground, that sits just adjacent to this landmark office building.

Refurbishment of 155 Bishopsgate was to essentially guarantee that it got back on the market as quickly as possible and find a new tenant when an existing tenant moved out. The owner British Land was looking at completing a CAT A fit out that included significantly enhancing the lift lobby and washroom facilities, ensuring they provide top-quality marketable space. The project brief emphasised that work was to be completed in the shortest possible time while making sure quality and sustainability standards were kept at a prime.

Dolphin worked with Fletcher Priest Architects on the 155 Bishopsgate project with client British Land. As with all the projects Dolphin has carried out, sustainability was one of the primary factors considered throughout the implementation together with topnotch functionality standards, and of course, without compromising quality and design. 

For the 155 Bishopsgate Project, Dolphin deployed no less than their DS102 WRAS-approved touch-free taps that come equipped with self-monitoring analysis and recording technology (SMART). Other than providing the ultimate hygiene and cleanliness purposes by ensuring minimal or zero cross-contamination for being touchless, Dolphin’s infrared sensor SMART taps are designed with full sustainability features of low-flow rates and hygiene flush feature that automatically flush out stagnant water daily, if not used. 

When taps are unused for long periods of time, there’s an increased risk for the legionella bacteria to thrive on them; the intuitive hygiene flush feature of Dolphin’s touchless taps significantly reduces this. The same function also ensures that the basin waste traps remain full of water, ensuring no unwanted odours from the drains escape into the toilets.

How better to complement the SMART taps than with Dolphin’s BCL636 wall plate mounted infrared soap dispensers. WELL Standard compliant, these electronic soap dispensers from Dolphin are likewise precision designed for added sustainability features to ensure they dispense just the right amount of soap and eliminate any unnecessary wastage. All connections for the sensor taps and soap dispensers were neatly hidden behind a bespoke mirror that Dolphin provided for the common area of the washrooms plus one separate washbasin in exquisite white for every user.

It should be noted that the client had not originally wanted automatic soap dispensers to be used for the washroom refurbishment project. During the course of the project however, the Covid pandemic hit, and the client specifically requested for the soap bottle holders to be replaced by touch-free electronic soap dispensers. This entailed a lot of design work by the architect and Dolphin to maintain the overall washroom design aesthetic.

Like the accessible shower and WC packs assembled for the 155 Bishopsgate Project—complete with SMART taps, infrared soap dispensers, waste trap, basin waste, shelves, toilet brush holders, etc.—all washroom solutions at the common area were bespokely made in elegant matte black powder coating and finish, giving the updated washroom space that classic and sophisticated look the client was looking to achieve.

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