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The Kensington building is the epitome of sustainability and demonstrates a feel-good workspace environment that focuses on occupant wellbeing.

Originally a 1970s retail building, 127 Kensington was recently remodelled to restore the historic street on Wrights Lane with its two-storey roof extension, improved connection to Kensington High Street Underground, huge windows and high ceilings on every floor, and a transformed workplace for the next generation.

By incorporating SMART technology, the building offers contactless access on every floor and controls security gates, elevators, and turnstiles, granting a seamless access process for occupants and visitors.

The Kensington building is rated a BREEAM Excellent and WELL Version 2 – Good development as a result of the sustainable processes from construction to the finer details in choosing sustainable washroom products.


The washroom project brief

As part of joining the smart building trend, the 127 Kensington Washroom Project needed to prepare for the day SMART technology could be incorporated into the washroom.

A key detail of the design scope was to declutter the washroom to promote a sense of tranquillity and boost revitalisation upon using the facilities. A clean, organised and peaceful environment adds value to the wellbeing of people by reducing stress or anxiety that are typical symptoms of overwhelmingly crowded environments.

The third important part of the brief was to ensure the washroom products were compliant with UK water regulations and met the standards of BREEAM and WELL.

With the perfect balance of a traditional washroom, superloos, end-of-trip facilities and accessible washrooms, the 127 Kensington Washroom Project had significant high standards to achieve a prestige washroom.


The washroom project challenge

This unique design included mirror mounted taps which meant great care had to be taken during installation to avoid cracking the mirrors from over fastening.

Dolphin’s Strataplate System is the perfect solution for mirror mounted designs as it prevents mirrors from cracking. The issue arose when the contractors were uncertain about how to install the system and ultimately concluded this could not be done – A rather frustrating experience for the architect.


The Dolphin solution

The only way to prevent the mirrors from cracking was to install the Strataplate. A huge relief to the client because we prepared to go the extra mile in providing a solution that would not compromise the design and, at the same time, protect the grand mirrors.

The Dolphin DS112 inform slimline sensor tap and the Dolphin DS102 inform smart tap were the ideal candidates to suit the mirror mounted design by providing a clean, uncluttered look. They meet the standards of BREEAM and WELL and are SMART ready for the day washroom technology will be incorporated into this sophisticated space.

Our robe hook door accessories, toilet roll holders, commercial toilet brush sets, automatic hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers provided the finishing touches making this exquisite washroom complete. The Doc M washrooms also included the BC195 soap dispenser (now replaced by BC1032) to comply with accessibility standards and regulations.


A hygienic and sustainable washroom

BREEAM and WELL are the foundations of creating a sustainable environment and prioritising the wellbeing of all people who enter and occupy a building – the washroom is no exception.

The 127 Kensington Washroom Project went beyond the requirements to secure the place of BREEAM Excellent and WELL v2 Good by choosing sustainable washroom products that contribute to a circular economy and exceed compliance regulations.


The washroom project result

Choosing sustainable and beautifully made washroom products contributed to the client achieving a BREAM Excellent certification and enough points to score a Good grade in a WELL certification.

The Dolphin sensor taps with integrated BREEAM standard flow rates, compliant accessible soap dispensers, low energy hand dryers, eco-friendly paper towel dispensers, and washroom fittings played a significant role in achieving the design brief and meeting functionality requirements.

The Strataplate system prevented the mirrors from cracking and achieved the desired immaculate mirror mounted taps design without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the washroom. Because the taps are SMART ready, we look forward to the day washroom technology will be introduced into this space.

This uncluttered pristine design of the 127 Kensington washroom project refurbishment is now a regenerated 21st century washroom that is a welcoming, refreshed space fulfilling the needs of all who enter the premises and exceeding the environmental standards of international assessment organisations.

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