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This Planned Preventative Maintenance cleaning guide outlines essential housekeeping and regular maintenance practices, offering clear expectations for our clients who enrol in the Dolphin Solutions PPM Agreement.

It provides the necessary information to effectively maintain the electronic washroom products specified under the agreement and the Alavo Mirror System supplied by Dolphin Solutions to prolong the lifespan and functionality of the washroom fittings.

Frequency for maintenance of electronic washroom products and Alavo

What is the recommended frequency for maintenance?

These tasks should be integrated into your existing cleaning regime, with a suggested frequency of at least once every two weeks as a baseline.

However, the frequency may need adjustment based on factors such as foot traffic, usage patterns, and environmental conditions.

For high-traffic public areas, daily maintenance might be advisable, while smaller office settings could suffice with monthly upkeep, though more frequent attention would not be unwarranted.

Cleaning guidelines for washroom fittings

Here you will find the Planned Preventative Maintenance cleaning guide for recommended cleaning procedures and methods for Alavo base plates, infrared sensor lenses, soap dispensers, and bulk fill multifeed soap systems.

Inside an Alavo Mirror System while being cleaned

Recommended cleaning method for Alavo base plates

  • Utilising a damp cloth is advised, with the ideal recommendation being the use of a mild stainless steel cleaner.
  • Ensure thorough drying after cleaning to maintain optimal condition.
  • Caution is urged against the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, as they may react adversely with the metal surface.
Close-up of a touch free tap sensor lens

Cleaning procedure for infrared sensor lenses and associated components

  • Begin by using a damp cloth to clean all infrared sensor lenses.
  • Extend this process to encompass any protruding elements from the base plate, including the soap sensor, soap nozzle, tap sensor, tap spout, dryer sensor, and dryer outlet/filter housing.
  • Ensure thorough removal of any accumulated residue or debris, maintaining cleanliness across all components located at the bottom of the system.
Gold finish touch free soap dispensers installed with multifeed bulk fill soap system

Cleaning guidelines for soap dispensers and multifeed bulk fill soap system

  1. Rinsing refill soap containers and soap delivery tubes
    • Remove soap containers and soap delivery tubes.
    • Rinse the containers and flush out the soap delivery tubes thoroughly with warm water.
    • Use a mild soap solution if needed to remove stubborn residue.
    • Rinse again with clean water until all soap traces are removed.
    • Allow the containers to air dry completely before refilling them with soap.
    • Prevent the soap dispenser and delivery tubes from being exposed to environmental elements such as dust or resting them on unclean surfaces.
  2. Cleaning touch free soap dispensers
    • Clean your soap dispenser using a soft, damp cloth.
    • After cleaning, thoroughly dry the soap dispenser with a paper towel to prevent rust formation on the pump, mounting box, screws, or O-rings and collar nuts.
    • Before cleaning with any stainless steel cleaner, test the solution on a small discreet area to ensure it does not negatively affect the finish.

It is important to note that cleaning soap containers and soap delivery tubes in this manner aligns with the Water Feature in the WELL Building Standards, ensuring compliance with industry-leading guidelines.

Plumbing Engineer Guidelines: TMV Valve Testing, Filter Maintenance, and Cleaning Recommendations

This section of the Planned Preventative Maintenance cleaning guide pertains to the installation of the Alavo Mirror System and offers information on maintaining the thermostatic mixing valves supplied by Dolphin Solutions.

TMV valve inside an Alavo Mirror System

Testing and regulating TMV valves

If the Alavo Mirror System features integrated or linked sensor taps, the designated engineer tasked with performing regular inspections and servicing of all TMVs within the building must ensure that they also inspect the factory fitted TMV valves concealed behind the Mirror System.

Inspection of all TMV valves provided by Dolphin should be incorporated into the regular TMV regulating protocol, as they are not covered by the Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement.

TMV valves cleaning and servicing

Cleaning filters within TMV valves (where fitted)

Applying the same principle as previously mentioned, it is important to recognise that while some TMVs may not have filters, others may include them.

It remains crucial for the experienced engineer responsible for servicing and inspecting all TMV valves in the building to conduct thorough checks and clean filters as needed.

Incoming hot and cold water feed in Alavo system

Cleaning filters on incoming feeds

The engineer may also consider cleaning filters on incoming feeds, although the decision ultimately lies with the customer.

The incoming hot and cold water feeds into the Alavo system, for example, may contain inline filters with baskets inside, which should be checked and cleaned as part of regular maintenance.

The testing, regulation, cleaning, and maintenance of both the TMV valves supplied by Dolphin and those installed in Alavo are not included in the Planned Preventative Maintenance Agreement signed with Dolphin Solutions.

Coverage Limitations and Fair Assessment Practices

While we strive to provide comprehensive coverage, it is important to note that failures resulting from inadequate scheduled maintenance may not be covered under our Planned Preventative Maintenance policy.

For instance, issues like a blocked solenoid due to dirty filters may not fall within the scope of coverage. However, attributing a failed sensor solely to unclean filters may be deemed speculative.

We prioritise fair assessment and consider individual circumstances in such cases.

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