Toilet Tissue Dispensers

We have a range of commercial toilet roll holders and tissue dispensers for use in public and staff washrooms. Our range includes a variety of finishes and mounting options and types. We have simple and effective single roll holders to multi-roll holders that have room for spares rolls as well as commercial toilet tissue dispensers in a number of different shapes and sizes. These critical washroom accessories are so important when it comes to user comfort and convenience the right choice is everything.

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Toilet Tissue Dispensers

To avoid toilet rolls falling onto the floor, it’s a good idea to install a dispenser that will ensure they’re secure and stored in a hygienic way. We offer a choice of toilet roll dispensers for commercial washrooms that provide you with a convenient and durable way of storing toilet rolls in restrooms so that they are easily accessible to users.

Depending on the type of washroom and business you’re buying for, we offer different sizes, shapes and materials to suit your needs. Plastic dispensers are easy to clean and are cost-effective, making them well-suited to busy places. Stainless steel toile roll holders are modern, stylish and professional, while also offering higher levels of durability and value for money. We offer single holders that are minimalist in design for a sleek and space-saving option, as well as contained holders that are lockable and keep the toilet rolls out of view.

Multi-Roll or Single Roll Holders

The size of the toiler roll holder you choose will depend on the size of the business and the volume of people using the washrooms. Smaller businesses or premises where the washrooms aren’t used as often may prefer to choose a cost-effective single-roll holder. These holders are much smaller in size, so they allow for a more discreet look whereas larger businesses or public toilets benefit from multi-roll holders. These allow for several rolls to be stored at once, so that when one roll has been used another can be dispensed straight away. For washrooms that are used regularly, multi-roll holders are much more convenient as they don’t need to be refilled as often.

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