Metal soap dispensers are a great addition to any washroom suite, a stylish choice for an office or commercial bathroom. However, they can run into an issue that plastic soap dispensers and touch-free soap dispensers simply won’t, rust. After a while and long, repeated use, your soap dispensers may develop rust, stopping them from completing their very important task of keeping your washroom patrons’ hands clean. If rusted or broken soap dispensers aren’t replaced fast enough, it could lead to washroom visitors leaving without properly cleaning their hands and the spread of harmful bacteria. If you want to keep the more modern and stylish looking metal soap dispensers then you’ll need to know; how to remove rust from soap dispensers, how to properly clean metal soap dispensers and how to prevent soap dispensers corrosion and rust in the future.

How To Remove Rust From Soap Dispenser

Removing rust can be quite simple and you don’t need to sink a lot of time into it, depending on how bad it’s gotten and the type of metal. Now, if you have a stainless-steel soap dispenser, it’s most likely not actually rust build-up but actually, excess soap build-up that needs removing. So before committing to treating it as rust, make sure to properly clean the soap dispenser and confirm the situation. If your existing metal soap dispensers have rust on them, fear not, it doesn’t mean they are done for. With a little elbow grease and a few home remedies, you can remove the rust from your soap dispensers.

Baking Soda

If you first rinse the metal elements of your soap dispenser in water and shake it dry to remove any excess water. You can then dust the damp areas with baker soda, making sure to cover all the rust. Leave it to be absorbed into the rust for an hour or so and then scrub off with a metal brush or some steel wool. This should remove all the rust and simply rinse it off again and dry before returning it to its rightful place in the washroom. This method is perfect for light rust and thin metals.

Vinegar Bath

Submerge the metal parts of your soap dispenser into a bath of white vinegar and keep it there overnight. In the morning, scrub carefully with a metal brush or steel wool and your rust will be gone. Once again, rinse off the soap dispenser and return it to work. This works better for more serious rust but letting it soak overnight has obvious time disadvantages.

Citric Acid

This method is more the more severe rust situations, so if you’ve tried other methods and it hasn’t finished the job, this may be the option for you. In a bowl with hot water, sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of citric acid. Then submerge your rusty soap dispensers and let it soap overnight. Scrub off any rust that may be sitting on the soap dispenser, rinse and dry off. Another overnight option but a stronger solution for those tougher situations.

Soap Dispenser Corrosion and Preventing Rust On Soap Dispensers

Keep in mind that rust occurs when water finds its way onto a metal surface and sits there, unaddressed, for a long period of times (maybe days) and the process of oxidation begins. This can easily happen in a bathroom or washroom, especially around a sink area, however, it doesn’t mean that the metal soap dispensers need to be constantly replaced or discarded for a plastic version.  With some attentive cleaning and new routines, you can easily prevent soap dispenser corrosion and rust on soap dispensers.

The best way to prevent rust in the future is to try to create a scenario where rust can’t develop, this may be easier said than done in some situations but if the metal soap dispenser isn’t damp for a long period of time, then the rust simply can’t develop. Preventing the situation will save you time in the long run because it will mean you won’t need to repeatedly replace or use the methods above to clean the soap dispensers. If you can’t create an environment to prevent it altogether, then you may need to include wiping down/drying soap dispensers into your cleaning schedule (or create a cleaning schedule!). Simply wiping down the metal exterior of the soap dispensers will go a long way to ensure they don’t stop working and slow their degrade over time.

If you would like to discuss your metal soap dispensers or need to upgrade your washroom suite, please get in touch with our team today and we can discuss what solution works best for you.