Soap dispenser maintenance is an imperative routine procedure for any facility manager if they want to ensure their commercial washroom is kept not only clean and stylish but fully functional for their users.

While many will think it’s over-dramatic to say that proper hand hygiene saves lives, it is definitely true. We’re not simply talking about Covid-19, we’re being firm when we say that effective handwashing breaks and prevents the transmission path of a range of diseases. Regular and proper handwashing reduces the spread of antimicrobial resistance, breaking the cycle of pathogens and minimising and ultimately eliminating risks for getting down with diseases. 

Now getting to the heart of this blog: providing effective handwashing facilities encourages efficient practices and every pair of clean hands helps to protect oneself and others. Alongside other health and safety measures in your commercial washroom is soap provision. Surely, an empty or broken soap dispenser will not make for a good reputation for your company and brand values, especially when you’re looking to make sure to always add value to your users’ washroom experience while showing you care for your staff and visitors. 

Washroom Soap Dispenser Maintenance Best Practices

Install the Right Dispenser for Your Commercial Washroom

There’s a vast selection of soap dispensers in the market today, but the majority of which are bulk fill, which are also known as top-up and are the most popularly used in commercial washrooms.  These normally contain a large plastic tank or tub that is filled with your choice of soap formula.  

These commercial soap dispensers are usually filled from 5-litre bottles that are more cost effective when purchased. These large bottles are generally considered better for the environment, where even some of the most premium soap brands offer, as they significantly reduce the amount of plastic used for individual bottles and can also be recycled when emptied. Bulk fill dispensers also allow you to change formulations without being unnecessarily tied up to a particular soap brand or type.

Of course, that’s not to say that cartridge or bottle-filled soap dispensers don’t have their share of advantages. For one, smaller bottles are easier to store than their larger counterparts. Secondly, they are potentially easier for your maintenance crew to replace, eliminating those bulky handling of large heavy bottles and decanting into the smaller dispensers. Still there are other soap dispensers that are designed with cartridge refills.

Use the Right Type of Soap for Your Dispenser

There’s some variety of soap that is appropriate to use for your commercial washroom. There are the common liquid soaps and there’s the foam soap, both of which actually start as a liquid. 

The foam soap type however has a foaming agent that will give its foamy consistency when dispensed through the pump where it is injected with air. The liquid type is not in any way altered when dispensed. Either way, this means that it’s important to have the correct pump for your soap dispenser units for the choice of soap for your commercial washroom. At Dolphin, we understand how critical this is and ensure we specify the correct washroom soap dispenser types for your users’ needs.

And when it comes to finding the right type of soap dispenser for your commercial or public washroom, you cannot go wrong with one of the most popular Dolphin’s flagship products from Dolphin, the Alavo washwall system. More than the touch-free soap dispensers, our Alavo comes complete with touch-free sensor taps, touchless soap systems with concealed cartridges, and low-energy high-speed hand dryers all in one wash station. That’s top-notch innovation in your washroom that combines excellent usability and functionality for your washroom users without jeopardising your businesses’ sustainability efforts.

Refill Your Soap Dispenser Properly

Refilling your soap dispensers properly is important if you want to ensure they last longer. Many modern-day soap dispensers are now installed with a lock to protect either the dispensers themselves or the content or both from theft, general mischief, and of course against contamination. 

Other than the benefits that the Alavo provides for the touch-free soap dispensers, taps, and hand dryers that it houses, it’s also designed with one lock across everything in its system, making it easier for facility maintenance teams to clean it thoroughly and more regularly.

For commercial washroom facilities, it’s important for your maintenance teams to thoroughly check those pump nozzles if they’re blocked with dried soap. Here, they have to dissolve and remove the congealed soap and help clear the blockage with warm water after removing the reservoir and emptying the soap. It’s not recommended however to place anything into the nozze to remove the blockage or this could cause bigger, more serious damage to your pumps.

Clean Your Soap Dispenser Properly and Regularly

If you want to know how to keep your soap dispenser from rusting, understanding how to keep it clean is the crucial first step that you and your washroom facilities manager should know.

Cleaning of commercial soap dispensers should be incorporated into the regular cleaning schedule for the washroom by your maintenance team. Daily should be the most ideal, especially if your commercial washroom is experiencing high foot traffic on a more frequent basis, such as those end-of-trip facilities in your commercial complex, airports or train stations, stadiums during big sports events, among others. 

Wiping your stainless steel soap dispensers with a damp soft cloth followed by drying should suffice. Avoid using any soap, bleach, detergents, or abrasive cleaners to prevent their specialty coatings or finishings. There are certain stainless-steel cleaner varieties that can be used for more thorough cleaning, but make sure to test on a small area first before using all over for best practice. 

Hire Professional Technicians to Fix Your Broken Dispensers

The majority of commercial washroom solutions providers offer warranties on their products and their services. This can prove beneficial for your business when their washroom products break down or encounter problems as they will readily send in their own team of technicians to handle these matters. 

If your soap dispenser isn’t working after installation, it is best to check that it has been placed in a level and straight position. Check the backplate and make sure that it has been installed correctly and not skewed as this can affect your dispenser’s pump mechanism.

When you notice your soap dispenser isn’t working, immediately check for any damage particularly if it has been vandalised in any way. Your washroom products provider may require a report on such incidents to provide refunds, replacements, or a free round of maintenance or checkup on your commercial soap dispensers.  

If after your maintenance crew checks your dispensers’ installation is correct and they have not been vandalised in any way but the problem persists, it is best to contact your provider’s customer service who should be able to facilitate or schedule a visit from their technicians and provide the most appropriate solutions. 

With simple and proper maintenance done on a regular basis, your commercial soap dispensers, regardless of the materials they’re made of, should stay durable enough to provide your commercial washroom years of reliable service. Establish a regular schedule for your washroom maintenance team for thoroughly checking in and maintaining these washroom essentials and your washroom users will stay delighted with their washroom experience for years.

The Dolphin Soap Dispenser Product Range

Other than our sensor taps and high-speed, low-energy hand dryers, we take pride in the vast collection of premium-quality soap dispensers that we offer. Our robust soap dispensers come precision-designed with customisable features to ensure they’re hygienic, easy to clean, and sustainable to guarantee your washroom users the finest and complete handwashing experience every time, all the time.  

Visit our website now or take a tour of our virtual showroom to check out our expansive selection of soap dispensers and other washroom essentials that should suit your commercial washroom. Our friendly team of customer satisfaction executives are always happy to hear from you.