Prioritising workplace wellbeing is a growing trend and has seen tremendous increase in popularity now more than ever, where modern-day technology is now enabling businesses to make the lives of their employees and staff better and more productive at their place of work: such as with the provision of end-of-trip facilities.

What are end-of-trip facilities?

End-of-trip facilities (EoT) are technically defined as shower, washroom, and storage facilities for people using non-motorised methods of transport, such as biking, walking, and jogging to and from work.

Where before businesses and building owners were simply focused on accommodating onsite car parking for their employees and tenants, the latest trends include providing end-of-trip facilities to encourage people to use non-motorised forms of travel.

Today, end-of-trip facilities are increasingly becoming more elaborate, ensuring more comfortability and convenience for users, similar to retreat houses and health clubs as opposed to changing rooms of gymnasiums. 

What are the benefits of end-of-trip facilities?

They are a great addition to your sustainability efforts

With more and more landlords, companies, and building owners specifying areas for end-of-trip facilities in their commercial areas, more and more people are choosing non-motorised transport options. This translates to few people availing public transport or driving cars or commuting to work, which further means a significant reduction in carbon footprint thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

They boost the marketability of older office buildings.

EoT services are increasingly becoming popular in modern-day office commercial complexes and buildings. Owners of old buildings are doing their best to catch up with the owners of new structures in providing these EoT facilities. Older structures and buildings providing these EoT services make them more marketable in the property rental market.

They encourage productivity in the workplace.

Employees walking, biking, or jogging to and from their workplaces are taking advantage of the EoT amenities and spaces that include washrooms, dressing rooms, and personal lockers. Others even shower booths with changing facilities and bike repair/service rooms. All these give employees that feeling that they are valued more, giving them that peace of mind that enables them to focus more on work.

They provide safety and security for employees.

With the growing trend on EoT washrooms, more employers and building owners are providing keyless lockers as an integral feature of EoT services. And with more employees using non-motorised transport to work and working flexible hours, these automated day lockers provide that sense of security for their users. These smart locker systems are not only secure but are very convenient to use as well.

They encourage reduced expenses.

With end-of-trip service features in your commercial buildings, companies and building owners are able to save across many aspects of their businesses. Obviously, the charge for bicycle parking is significantly lower than the rental for car parking.  With your employees using sustainable non-motorised transportation, your business saves on reimbursements, vehicle maintenance costs, among others.

What premium amenities are commonly included in end-of-trip facilities?

As opposed to driving to work, walking, jogging, or cycling to work comes with some minor issues that can be easily addressed with EoT facilities. The problem now becomes more than just providing a parking space.

Surely, you’ll want to freshen up and even take a shower before logging in for work or before that intense meeting, even if it is just online. You may even need to put on those smart work clothes for that presentation with an important client. 

Hence, the need for your commercial EoT facilities to include most if not all of the following amenities:

  • Towel service and kit lockers
  • Washrooms and showers
  • Dedicated changing space with gender split
  • Folding bike lockers and secure bike storage
  • Bike pumps, repair stations, and airing stations
  • E-bike charging, electric scooters or pool bikes
  • Vanity units and handwashing stations

Dolphin End-of-Trip Solutions and Washroom Sets

Ideally, these end-of-trip amenities are aimed to make the lives of the walkers, runners, and cyclists more comfortable. Businesses, building owners, and property developers must recognise their high value for attracting tenants. 

As for employees and staff, the better EoT facilities, such as Dolphin superloo sets, they are provided with, the more chances that they will be encouraged to walk, jog, or bike to work even during the winter and rainy season. That translates to firmly establishing the benefits of your employees’ wellbeing all year round, ensuring them that their convenience, safety, and security are a top priority for the business.

Designing, planning, and implementing end-of-trip facilities and washrooms will always vary depending on some factors such as the purpose of the business and space availability, but the plans should always focus on the end user. With Dolphin’s extensive selection of end-of-trip amenities such as the Alavo washwall station and the superloo washroom sets, every user’s washroom experience will be at its optimum. 

If you’re looking to set up premium washroom solutions and essentials in your commercial building to provide your employees, staff, and tenants who are walking, jogging, or biking to and from your space their much-needed end-of-trip amenities, call our Dolphin team today for a comprehensive consultation on an amazing collaboration.