For all things water-related, in your washroom

Touch-free taps eliminate cross-contamination; while adjustable flow rates deliver water and energy savings of up to 80% - easily achieving BREEAM targets.

Dolphin Blue is the colourful name we've given to all our water-related washroom products and fittings, from intelligent infra-red taps and urinal flushes to elegantly recessed shower heads and cunningly concealed cistern frames.

Blue Products

Dolphin Infrared Tap For Cold/Premixed Water Supply

blue DB100C-STL / DB100S-STL / DB100-PC / DB125C-STL / DB125S-STL / DB125-PC

Dolphin Monobloc Mixer Tap – Tall Series

blue DB1600 / DB1600-PC

Dolphin Panel Mounted Infrared Tap

blue DB1400C / DB1400S-2 / DB1400-PC / DB1400-316 / DB1425C / DB1425S-2 / DB1425-PC / DB1425-316